Where it all started

After one of my nephew decided to turn our little story into a song, I knew it need to be shared with the world. 

My nephews loved the call-and-response structure. It felt like a game, but as an adult who loved them, I knew something more was happening. At a time when we still have to shout that black lives matter, I wanted to prompt the black boys who I loved to envision all the possibilities before them. I wanted them to picture a future of positivity and hope—one of pride in their own greatness and power.

Soon I wrote down my favorite responses from my nephews, and Black Boy, Black Boy was born. 

The Music Video


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Behind The Scenes

I needed to raise some funds to help me get Black Boy, Black Boy made. Like most indie creators, I turned to crowdfunding. 

I chose to go with Kickstarter. During my research into how to run a successful kickstarter, I learned that making a video talking about your passion was a great selling point. 

So, I decided to make a music video. 

Local Artist Priest Jones wrote, and performed a song entitled”Black Boy”. The song was meant to celebrate and empower young black boys. Seeing as that was also what I wanted for “Black Boy, Black Boy”, we teamed up and made a music video.   


Clink the link below to see behind the scene gems!

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