Crown Universe: Teji’s Journey

Crown is a comic book I have in the works. Crown is about Teji a young black girl trying to live her truth in a world where the norm for beauty is white. Teji will explore the challenges black girls and women face in society trying to be natural, trying to be themselves. Teji is … Continue reading Crown Universe: Teji’s Journey


Crown Universe: Teji’s Journey

When we first started creating Teji aka Crown’s character we decided to go with a more cartoony look! I knew I wanted Teji to look young, embody the essence of Janelle Monae and to have big CRAZY hair! Artist: Julie Anderson Editor: John Schaidler #CrownUniverse #CrownComics #TEJI #CrownTheWriter #Comic      

Crown Universe: Xabiere’s Journey

We ultimately decided to go with Julie Anderson illustration of Xabiere I like the muscle in the other picture but Xabiere is only 15 and he will eventually grow into that, plus Julie embodied the essence of my nephew! His cool, humble demeanor. His laid back, nonchalant attitude! I love the potential of Xabiere! Artist: … Continue reading Crown Universe: Xabiere’s Journey