Crown Universe: Xabiere

Xabiere is the next character that I will be introducing from The Crown Universe.

Xabiere is a tech genius but no one in his world knows it. When the world sees Xabiere they see a typical black street boy. They see his hair and judge him. They see his clothes and judge him. They see his skin and assume he is nothing, he deserves nothing. They see a boy they need to break down but Xabiere refuses to be broken. He laughs at their attempts. He loves his culture and his community and he doesn’t shy away from his blackness. Xabiere refuses to change anything about himself to fit the norm of society. Xabiere’s strong character is based on my brilliant, resilient, and handsome nephew Gerald Shepherd Jr.


Xabiere is based off my 17-year-old Nephew Gerald Shepherd Jr.

Xabiere is dark chocolate. He is 6’0 feet tall. He’s long and slim but muscular. He has shoulder-length dreadlocks. He is a 15-year-old freshman.

1st WIP done by @Julie Anderson . I love the youthfulness and his dreads. My choice is WIP 1

My nephew prefers the 2nd WIP done by the studio. He loves that it is swole, and he thinks the face looks more like him; which I agree.
The cons for the 1st WIP: The face isn’t detailed enough, nor is the dreads and the body needs more muscles.

A or B?

Editor: John Schaidler
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We ultimately decided to go with Julie Anderson illustration of Xabiere

I like the muscle in the other picture but Xabiere is only 15 and he will eventually grow into that, plus Julie embodied the essence of my nephew! His cool, humble demeanor. His laid back, nonchalant attitude!

I love the potential of Xabiere!




Xabiere is a tech genius. He loves everything tech. He builds robotics. He has built 2 supercomputers, a motorbike, a car engine from scratch and a super suit. He has fully automated his family home. He’s a “nerd” who loves comic books, anime, manga, and history. He comes from the poor side of town, so everything he knows is self-taught.


He’s also a jock. He loves football, has been playing since he could run without dropping the ball. His captain of the JV football team at his school and averages at least 4 tackles a game as a safety.

If Xabiere isn’t locked away in his garage building something new or practicing on the field, you can find him with his friends jamming out to music.

Xabiere will be the man behind the woman. He will be the brains to Crown’s bronzes.

Editor: John Schaidler Artist: Julie Anderson Character: Gerald Shepherd Jr.

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