All events are CrownTheWriter Programs that aim to push inclusion, promote diversity, showcase the importance of representation in the arts, and challenge the way people think about diverse characters.

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Our programs are designed for all people of all ages and interests. We believe “If you can read, you can learn, If you can learn, you can grow, and if you can grow, you can be anything!”

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Crown Shepherd served as an Artist-in-Residence for my Ethnic Studies course during a one-week children’s book workshop. Ms. Shepherd guided students in the work of researching, writing, designing, drawing and ultimately creating a children’s book regarding a topic centered around black history in MN. Students ultimately read their children’s books to district elementary schools. Over our week together, I found Ms. Shepherd to be relatable with the students, building meaningful relationships which she leveraged to motivate reluctant learners to complete beautifully designed books. Ms. Shepherd’s expertise in the work of both engaging with students and with crafting a well-designed story was apparent, and I would invite her back into my classroom anytime.

Kara Cisco 9th Grade Civics 12th Grade Revisiting Ethnicity and Culture in US History St. Louis Park High School

Broderick Williams

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