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Crown was born and raised in north Minneapolis. Raised by her single mother with three brothers, Shepherd has always loved books and writing. 

Shepherd began writing at the age of eight. By the time she was in middle school, she had won writing awards and been elected head of her middle school’s literary journal. 

Shepherd knew by High School she wanted to be an author. She just never knew it would be an indie author or of children’s books. 

Crown wrote her first book, Crown Comics, in 2018, followed by her second, Black Boy, Black Boy. Crown published her first book Black Boy, Black Boy, in 2020. 

Since the publication of Black Boy, Black Boy, Crown has written ten more issues of Crown Comics and Black Girl, Black Girl; both books are expected to be published in early 2022.



Crown Shepherd is an emerging fiction, picture book, and comic book writer. Her writing is a result of her surroundings and upbringing. She has always been deeply rooted in literature and writing, but it wasn’t until she found more writers that look like her that her writing soared. Those writers allowed her to dream and create by her own standards, and from a point of view of a black protagonist. As someone from an underrepresented community, Crown knows what it means to have representation feed your creativity. The stories she wants to share are aimed at giving a voice to the voiceless. 


After the birth of my nephews—five of whom are currently under the age of seven—Crown quickly noticed how few books with characters that looked like them were on the shelves of local bookstores and public libraries.

As my nephews transitioned from pre-K into grade school, I noticed they stopped reading and engaging with books. And looking at those statistics, it’s not surprising why. Books aren’t made for them. They aren’t written by people who look like them. 

Crown wrote her first book for them and dedicated every other children’s book she writes to them. 

All the characters in Crown’s books are representations of real children in her life from

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Eliminate illiteracy within the black community.


To flood the literary world with black books!