Mind Fuck


It was so sudden, how you entered my mind and fucked things up

I didn’t even know what was happening until I was enlightened.

Enlighten by your words, engulfed in your phases.

Moved by the simplicities of your thought process.

The elegance of your wordplay was enticingly earth

shattering everything I knew was right.

Crumbling around me were all the wrongs I thought were right

The more you spoke, the more my world was shattered

Your words were like keystrokes on a piano

Playing a melody for my heart

Soothing the beast within

Comforting the truth within

Your street-smart mentality with your book smart delivery

was everything my world needed

The more your words played in my head, the more my mind fractured into little

Pieces under the weight of your consciousness

Your speech tickled my soul, like a lullaby on a baby’s ear

Uplifting my sense of love

Releasing me to the universe

Molding my heart into yours, making us one

Blowing my mind completely apart


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