Black Boy, Black Boy

Hard cover

 Full-color book.

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9.5 X 8




Beaver’s Pond Press



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Black Boy Black Boy Book

A Melodic Mantra

with a powerful message: black boys can be a doctor, a judge, the president . . . anything they want to be!

Black Boy Black Boy Book

I wrote this book

for black boys so they can be excited to see themselves as the heroes of the story

Black Boy Black Boy Book

I wrote this book

for black boys so the repetitive patterns can help them learn to read.

Black Boy Black Boy Book

I wrote this book

for black boys so it will become a subconscious mantra—the things you say to kids become what they think. And I want black boys to know they can be anything.

The Creators

Crown Shepherd is an emerging fiction, picture book, and comic book writer. Her writing is a result of her surroundings and upbringing. She has always been deeply rooted in literature and writing, but it wasn’t until she found more writers that looked like her that her writing soared. Those writers allowed her to dream and create by her own standards, and from a point of view of a black protagonist. As someone from an under-represented community, Crown knows what it means to have representation feed your creativity. The stories she wants to share are aimed at giving a voice to the voiceless. 

Mychal Batson  is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur from St. Paul, MN who’s scribbled on pages and drawn in margins since he was old enough to hold a pencil. After graduating from Augsburg College with a degree in English: Creative Writing , he taught himself design and illustration.

Black Arts is incredibly important. Education is important. And inspiring future artist and dreamers to create entirely new worlds using just their imagination is of the upmost importance.

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