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All the CrownTheWriter programs are about inclusion and diversity. 

We aim to make every child that participates in our program to feel special and understand the world is theirs for the taking. 

Our programs are for everyone, no matter their age, race, culture or background!

All are welcome.

All programs include a reading of the book,  Q & A session and a book signing.

What you need to get started!

Most of the school-age programs are interactive and need time to prepare and plan for. 

Please allow at least a month of planning. 

We offer bulk pricing for all our titles. Email me for more information.

Find the kit for your program below!

grade school

high school

You ask, how can a children’s book made for 2nd graders inspire high school students?

Being told you can be anything in the world has no age limit. Thinking about your future and what that can be has no age limit! 

“If you can read, you can learn!”

“If you can learn, you can grow!”

“If you can grow, you can be anything!”

adult programs

special programs

Every child deserve to feel represented and special. 

Our special programs aim to give them just that! 

Our special programs are set-up to uplift the underrepresent student in a world that doesn’t see them. 

What educators say?

Crown Shepherd served as an Artist-in-Residence for my Ethnic Studies course during a one-week children’s book workshop. Ms. Shepard guided students in the work of researching, writing, designing, drawing and ultimately creating a children’s book regarding a topic centered around black history in MN. Students ultimately read their children’s books to district elementary schools. Over our week together, I found Ms. Shepard to be relatable with the students, building meaningful relationships which she leveraged to motivate reluctant learners to complete beautifully designed books. Ms. Shepard’s expertise in the work of both engaging with students and with crafting a well-designed story was apparent, and I would invite her back into my classroom anytime.
Kara Cisco
- 9th Grade Civics 12th Grade Revisiting Ethnicity and Culture in US History St. Louis Park High School
Having Crown come read her amazing book to our preschool children at Head Start, was a wonderful experience for everyone. We got to know our children better by knowing what they want to be when grown up and their hopes and dreams. Crown connects with and inspires black boys and all kids who are the future teachers, scientists, builders and unicorn doctors in the making.
Verity Baker
- PICA Head Start.
When Crown came and read to the scholars of Freedom Schools at the Friendship Academy School site she welcomed us with great energy and smile! I invited her to come read to our scholars that range from 5yrs to 13yr old scholars and she brought more than just a reading! She presented us with “Black Boy” key chains that came in all sorts of colors, even Pink and Purple were included! I do not remember the book she read but the questions that came after what she read really intrigued our scholars. Questions like “How could I be an author” “How many books are you going to create?” All these questions and dialogue really encourage our students to follow their dreams and live up to their purpose. She will always be invited to read to our scholars because she really made an impact on the young boys because of the memorabilia, and to the young girls because they seen a strong black woman come in and really manifest her dreams.
Broderick Williams
Freedom School
Crown hosted a virtual author read aloud with Sumner Library in honor of Black History Month. Her book "Black Boy, Black Boy" is part of our beloved Sudduth African American History and Culture Collection, so we were thrilled when she agreed to work with us. She read a couple of books followed by a Q&A for preschoolers and families, encouraging preschoolers to think about what they want to be when they grow up. She made the conversations with the kids so engaging that they didn't want it to end! One preschooler excitedly shared with her all the different things they want to be when they grow up followed by, "Ask me again when I'm 5!" The kids loved her. Sumner Library looks forward to her upcoming book releases and we hope to partner with her again soon.
Layna Mestad
Youth Services Librarian Hennepin County Library | Sumner
"It was an absolute joy to host Crown Shepard at our school. She has an amazing ability to connect with each child in the room, and inspires them to dream big about who they could be someday. She brings authenticity, honesty and professionalism to her work. We have already booked her for another date!"
-Vonny Kleinman
Lake Country School, Minneapolis, MN