If anything happens to her, you kill the world.
That what she always told them.
She would send us out into the world, and she would tell my brothers, you protect her at all cost.
Nothing is to happen to her.
Yes, they would say.
And they did their jobs. So, well I develop a complex that, I was invincible.
So, well I felt like I was the power source for all of life.
I walk this earth like I was untouchable.
Until I was touched.
Until HOME wasn’t even safe.
Until my sense of security was shattered.
Until the person who was tasked with protecting me, hurt me!
Until my mother had to choose who to believe.
Until my mother couldn’t believe her SON could hurt her DAUGHTER.
Until it had to be someone else crime.
Until GOD told her it was all a lie.
Until I became the liar, the evil.
Until family was pit against family.
Until I was told, I ruined everything.
Until no one saw my hurt.
Until no one believed my hurt.
Until it was SOMETHING, we just didn’t discuss anymore.
Until I was at the mercy of their truth.
Until I didn’t even know my own truth.
Until I raised the question “Did it happen?”

Until he had finally taken all my power.

Defeated I accepted it wasn’t real.
Until I painfully accepted that it was real.
Until I learned, I did nothing to deserve it.
Until I learned it happened to me, I didn’t happen to it.
Until I wouldn’t let them forget, because I couldn’t.
Until my voice would no longer be silenced.
Until my words were my words!
Until my truth was my truth.
Until what they believed, didn’t matter.
Until the truth was all that matter.
Until I was invincible again.

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