JaSam FanFic

Chapter One

“It’s me, Sam. I’m here.” Jason exclaims a flutter of excitement rises in his chest. The moment he had waited five years for was finally here. Making eye contact with Sam, Jason could sense something was wrong. It was her, but it wasn’t her. She was a shell of her former self. Wondering if it was the night before events or something more, Jason slowly moves into the room. He wants to take care of her, he wants to make everything better, but he’s unsure if it’s his job anymore.

“It’s you; you’re real. Last night was real.” Sam cries, shifting in her bed, wiping her sweaty palms off on the bed; She looks at Jason, tears in her eyes. “It  wasn’t a dream?” Choking on her words, Sam lifts herself up, closes her eyes and cries. “I’ve dreamed of you a million times, of that face; you always disappeared in the morning.” Feeling overwhelmed, Sam shakes in disbelief, refusing to open her eyes. She recalls the events from the night before in her mind.

chapter two


“I knew my wife wanted me to stay,” pushing pass Jason and Epiphany, Drew fights to get his hands on Sam. He knows deep down Sam was talking about the real Jason, but he can’t show resolve in the face of defeat. At all costs, he knows he has to fight to the bitter end.

Steps away from Sam, Drew’s pursuit is halted by Epiphany’s rough, firm hand.

“Who are you referring too, Hun?” Spinning Drew around her, giving him the evil eye, Epiphany asks Sam for clarity.

Seeing what Drew is doing to Sam, Epiphany tries to lessen the fallout. She can see Sam wants Jason, the real Jason. The Jason with the face she has stared at for years; the Jason with the eyes that read her soul with a glance. The Jason they’ve always known as Jason.

Chapter three


Barely making it out of the way, Elizabeth steps to the side as both men barrel out of the door and into the hallway.

“Jason, stop. Jason.” Sam screams with a smile on her face. A part of Sam wants Jason to stop for his own safety, she just got him back; another part understands what it is driving Jason to attack in front of all these people.

“Jason?” Elizabeth whispers as chills run down her spine. Stepping into the hallway to get a better look at the man Sam called Jason, all Elizabeth can see are the punches hitting Franco, one after the other. She witnesses the passion in each throw, she feels the rage in Jason’s grunts.

Flashes of everything Franco has ever done race through Jason’s mind like a song on repeat; blocking out everything and everyone around him.

Sam in that box. Punch

Michael being raped in prison. Throw.

Aiden being kidnapped. Punch.

Threatening Joss. Kick

Sam in Hawaii. Punch.

Chapter four


“Where is he?” Carly screams. “I know he’s here. I want to see him right now.” Rushing into the police station, Carly demands answers. Just like at the hospital, she doesn’t wait for a response, she just starts screaming. Brushing past several police officers, Carly burst into the interrogation room 1. Entering an empty room, Carly rages. She doesn’t want to hear what he did or why they took him to jail; it doesn’t matter to her. Carly just wants to see Jason. She needs to see him; she needs to know it’s real.

Pacing the length of the squad room, Carly sees red.  ”Jason. Jason, I’m here.” Carly screams on. The officers that fill the squad room are all too familiar with Carly and her antics. They all know she will scream her lungs out until she gets what she wants. Jason.

Chapter five

Entering the PCPD, Diane walks straight into Jordan’s office.

“Let me guess, you’re here for the other Jason Morgan.” Jordan states.

“He’s not going anywhere. He attacked a man in the middle of the hospital. I don’t care who he claims he to be or why he did it.” Jordan can’t comprehend why all these people are coming to this man’s defense. Jordan has seen the way they fight for Drew. She has seen the bond and love they have for him, so it baffles her that they all keep marching down here claiming this other man is the real Jason Morgan.

Never knowing the real Jason Morgan, Jordan couldn’t understand why it took one look for them; one conversation, to know what’s real and what’s not.  She can recognize the fight when she sees it, she has never seen Sonny, Carly or Diane fight like this; they’ve never fought for Drew this way before.

Chapter six


“Sam, are you in there?” Jason screams. Desperate to find Sam and Danny, Jason’s pounds, shaking the door frame.

Looking from the door to Drew and Scout, Sam wants to scream for Jason. She wants her screams to sail through the door, igniting The Stone Cold in him. She wants him to break the door and save her. She wants him to end the five-year nightmare they all have been living. She wants him.

Seeing Scout in Drew’s arms, Sam is reminded of what she is doing and why she must do it.

“Get rid of him.” Knocking Sam back to reality, Drew walks towards the kitchen. “Or I will.” Thinking he had more time, Drew didn’t anticipate Jason getting out of jail so soon. He thought he would have more time to work on Sam. He thought he would have more time to formulate his new plan.

Chapter seven

“LET HER GO!” Jason screams and fights.


“SAM!” Jason fights awake. Jason awakes in a cold sweat. Heart racing and body shaking. Jason has never felt this way. He has never been scared for Sam like this. Jason doesn’t understand what is happening with Sam. He doesn’t understand what happened to their life. He doesn’t understand his life anymore. He doesn’t understand why he dreamed Sam in danger. Jason clutches his gun close to his chest.

Chapter eight

“Sam.” Jason shuffles back and forth unsure of himself. He wasn’t expecting to see Sam tonight at the cabin, but he is pleased and also nervously happy to see her. 

“What are you doing here?”  Wondering if she followed him, wondering if she brought the other him to the cabin, Jason goes weak. Shoving his hands in his pocket, Jason tries to hide the signs of him breaking down.

“I – I needed to getaway. Carly stopped by.” Smirking, remembering all the times Carly has busted into their lives fighting for her time with Jason. “Its funny Carly is now fighting for my time with you.” Sam looks Jason up and down; studying his strong, tense physique. She can see everything he’s trying to hide. She knew her Jason. She knew he was suffering in silence, so she didn’t have to. Sam painstakingly moves towards Jason. She reaches out to grab him, but hesitate; allowing her hand to linger close enough to feel his heat. A heat that ignites her soul.

Chapter nine

Gunfire continues to riddle the cabin, wrapping Sam up in his arms Jason rolled with her off the side of the bed. “Everything still the same?” Jason moves towards the rug in the middle of the floor. Sam ripped the taped shotgun from under the bed. “Yes!” she screams, ducking from the gunfire assaulting the cabin. Jason ripped the rug up and places his thumb on the small black pad on the safe. The door springs open revealing two handguns, Jason grabs one, checks the clip and does the same to the other. Sam has moved over to the threshold barrier between the kitchen and main room, she locks eyes on Jason and cocks the shotgun back.

“Sam, there’s at least three shooters. One at the front door, two here, with semi-automatics.” Jason points to the far wall that houses the fireplace. “You okay?” Jason pulls Sam closer, shielding her from the gunfire. He suspects these are the same men that chased him from Russia and grabbed Sam at the hotel. If he’s right, he vows to end it here. He refuses to have Sam or anyone else in danger because of him.

Chapter ten


“What are those?” Snatching the papers from Drew’s hand, Sam moves towards the desk. Instantly, her head begins to spin.

“Proof of who the real Jason is.” Drew’s whisper causes Sam to move closer to hear what he is saying. “I didn’t open it. I wanted to wait for you.” Grabbing Sam’s hand, Drew smiles at her. He doesn’t need to look at the letter. He knows what it says; he’s hoping once Sam reads it, all will be right again in their world.

Quickly removing her hand, Sam rips open the letter.

“You’re sure Spinelli dropped this off?”

“Yes, he wanted to wait around until you came back but Maxie needed him.” Drew reaches out for Sam again.


Chapter eleven

“Yes, I’m here.” Drew staggered back and forth. “I have both kids. What is this about?”  Sweat builds on his brow. “Why at the PCPD?” Panic fills his heart. “See you soon.”

Heading up the stairs, Drew panic grows. “Danny, Danny!” Entering Danny’s room, Drew begins rummaging through his things. Grabbing Danny’s ninja turtles backpack, he throws everything he can find in it. “Danny, come on big guy. We’re going on a trip. Time to put the toys down.”

“I don’t want to go; I want to play cars with mommy. She said we could play today.” Danny ignores Drew, sliding his car up and down Drew’s leg.


Chapter twelve

Darting my eyes through the chaos, I search for her. I search for her knowing I won’t find her. I search hoping her last message to me was a lie. The look on her face, the movement of her body, something was wrong. Terribly wrong. “Where is Sam?” I bark, drawing everyone’s attention to me. I don’t wait for an answer when I can’t locate Sam, I head for the door.   

“Stone Cold. Oh, Stone Cold, I need to speak to you at once. It’s of the utmost importance.”

Scattered, Spinelli trips over himself trying to get to me. I see the years haven’t changed him.  Barely registering him, I blow right past him. I know he is there, but I don’t hear his word. My vision is tunneled,  hearing is tunneled, my body is tunneled. Sam was all I could see.

Chapter thirteen

“Spinelli, Stop! I hear something.” Jason screams into the phone.


“He has the kids!” I scream into my dead phone, throwing it into the passenger seat.

“Ahhhhh” Pounding on the steering wheel, screaming my lungs out into the darkness, I cry from my guilt; I weep for my shame, I weep for my weakness.

“They need you! Your kids need you. He needs you! Pull it together! You are Samantha Morgan!” Pulling one hand off the steering, I grab my cell phone, plug it in and turn the truck engine. I cannot break down. I have to be strong. There is no other choice. This is all my fault.

Chapter fourteen

“Sam?”  Jason whispers into the wind.

Seeing Sam’s dark silhouette huddle around the kids, Jason panics, he can see Sam shaking with fear. “Sam.” With conviction in his voice, Jason moves toward them with caution. He can feel someone watching them. Trying to keep his eyes on Sam, and the surrounding woods, Jason creeps. He can’t bear to see them so vulnerable and exposed, he wants to run to them, wrap them in his arms and shield them but he knows that could put them in even more danger. Something is wrong. He can feel it in the air.

“Jason.” Sam holds her breathe at the sound of his voice. It fills her entire body with hope. Closing her eyes and clutching her chest, she doesn’t believe it’s him. She just can’t. Her mind is playing tricks on her.

Chapter fifteen


“Come on, just a little further,” Sam mumbles under the weight of a half-conscious Jason.  Trekking through the woods, Sam tries to find her way back to the truck before a wounded Jason passes out.

The woods are pitch black, the light from the stars offer no assistance. Darkness surrounds everything.

Struggling to keep his weight off Sam, Jason stumbles forward, crashing into the ground. “Sam, you have to go.”

Dropping to be on the same level as Jason, Sam struggles to get Jason to his feet. She pulls him up and yanks on his arm. She pleads and begs with him. “I’m not leaving you.”  Finally, she kneels in front of him, eyeing him down. “Jason, Jason look at me.” Sam grabs his face. “I need you. Our kids need you!”

Chapter sixteen

“Jason!” Sam screams as Jason’s whole body jerks at the sight of her falling. He reaches out to her, cursing at his inability and failure to save her.

Hugging the tree, trying to gain his strength, Jason digs his feet into the ground, inhales all the air he can and takes off after Sam. His heartbeat in his ears.  Adrenaline fuels his legs. He gets two steps from the tree when he sees him. Drew. Raising his arm, closing one eye, Jason lines up his shot. He watches Drew dart towards a lifeless Sam. Moving his arm slightly to the right, exhaling all the air from his lungs, Jason squeezes the trigger.


Chapter seventeen

“Sam, SAM!” Jolting up, blinking his eyes hard trying to focus on the brightness of his surroundings, Jason searches for her. Pressing his hand under him, Jason balls the sheets of the bed in his hand. He picks at his chest and plays with the hospital gown that draping his body. He’s confused. The last thing he remembers was the darkness, and the sound of the gun going off. Closing his eyes, seeing the bullet hit Sam’s body, hearing the thud that rang through the woods when Sam hit the ground, Jason fights the memories flooding his body. 

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