Chapter Nine

Gunfire continues to riddle the cabin, wrapping Sam up in his arms Jason rolled with her off the side of the bed. “Everything still the same?” Jason moves towards the rug in the middle of the floor. Sam ripped the taped shotgun from under the bed. “Yes!” she screams, ducking from the gunfire assaulting the cabin. Jason ripped the rug up and places his thumb on the small black pad on the safe. The door springs open revealing two handguns, Jason grabs one, checks the clip and does the same to the other. Sam has moved over to the threshold barrier between the kitchen and main room, she locks eyes on Jason and cocks the shotgun back.

“Sam, there’s at least three shooters. One at the front door, two here, with semi-automatics.” Jason points to the far wall that houses the fireplace. “You okay?” Jason pulls Sam closer, shielding her from the gunfire. He suspects these are the same men that chased him from Russia and grabbed Sam at the hotel. If he’s right, he vows to end it here. He refuses to have Sam or anyone else in danger because of him.

“I’m okay if you’re okay. What’s the plan?” Sam pushes off Jason and crotches down, following her lead Jason does the same. Sam’s strength was always the most attractive thing about her, to him. People always spoke of Jason’s calm in a storm, but it was her calm that always kept Jason calm. Knowing she wasn’t worried or scared allowed him to focus on the task at hand; for Jason, that meant more than her love.

“It seems they don’t know about the back door; it’s the way I set it up. I say we go out the back and close in on them. I’ll take the two on the side, and you take out the shooter at the front door. You okay with that?” Jason looks to Sam. He notices the hair in her face and can’t help himself, his hand instinctively sweeps the hair out of her eyes. They take a moment, in the midst of the chaos, time slows, the adrenaline starts flowing through both them, charging them up, and they’re on the go. Sam follows behind a crouching Jason through the kitchen, to the hidden back door.

“All the times I’ve come out here, I didn’t know this was here.” Sam marvels at Jason, amazed that even now, even after all this time, he still surprises her. “I never got a chance to really show you what this cabin can do really.” Jason moves the pantry shelf, revealing a metal door with a big black screen in the middle. Placing his hand on the door and it pops open offering the outside world as an escape.

“It’s stopped.” Jason notices, helping Sam through the door. “They must know we’re not in there anymore; we need to hurry.” Jason grabs Sam’s hand, spinning her around, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Please, please be careful,” Jason whispers, releasing her hand, watching her disappear around the corner. Standing frozen, Jason transforms himself from Jason Morgan into Stone Cold. He cracks his neck into a circle, closes his eyes, balls his fist and tenses his whole body. The transformation only takes seconds, but it feels like an eternity before Jason opens his eyes, revealing slanted cold eyes, a solid, firm body, a tight, tense jaw and stares that’s meant to scare death itself.


The shot sends Jason into enforcer mode. He runs around the corner, both guns blazing and begins shooting with precision. Two steps, two shots. He takes out both men, with a shot to the chest. Confirming they’re dead, Jason realizes he hasn’t heard any more shots or from Sam since she disappeared around the house. “SAM!” Jason yells, rounding the corner of the cabin, he stops mid-stride, kicking up dirt from the ground, guns aimed straight ahead. Seeing Sam in another dangerous situation because of him makes him guilty. He never wanted this for his homecoming.

“Jason.” Sam struggles against the gun jamming her in her side. She looks to Jason, who is assessing the situation, the dead man from Sam’s one shot fired, the struggle that ensued for the shotgun, the way the gunman got the drop on Sam. Jason takes it all in, he lets the rage build in him, fueling his revenge, fueling Stone Cold. Jason looks to Sam, revealing a softness in his eyes.

“Guess you were off by one number,” Sam smirks, wiggling to readjust the position of the gun in her side. The little rise of panic she felt dissipated when Jason came running from the side of the cabin. She fears nothing, not the gun in her side, not the man wielding the weapon, not the odds against her; she knows Jason will come through; she knows Jason is ready for anything. She knows he wants to finish this, and that’s what he will do.

“Are you okay, Sam?” Jason re-grips his hand around the gun, cracks his neck and sets his gaze solely on Sam. They speak their language, communicating their plan of action. Jason’s eyes tell her, everything will be okay, Sam letting him know she trust him, she has no fear. She knows what has to come next. Jason doesn’t acknowledge the gunman; he speaks no words, there are no pleas. Closing his eyes, he pulls in a deep breath, lowers one of the guns to his side, relaxing his shoulder in the process. Slowly, opening his eyes, he squeezes the trigger.


Delivering a shot straight to the head, the man’s body jerks, pulling on Sam as he falls to the ground. A thud that echoed through the trees, leaving an unmoved, unscathed, confident Sam.  The man had no chance, Jason was shooting to kill. There were no needs for questions, Jason knew all he needed to know. These men were hired guns; they didn’t have answers. They only had orders to kill. “Are you okay?”

Jason knows Sam can handle anything; he doesn’t ask because he’s worried she’s scared and overwhelmed. Knowing how her life has changed, her choices have moved her away from this life.  He worries today will have her running from this life, back to the media company and that the safe life the imposter has provided is looking good to her right now. He worries she doesn’t want to keep putting her life on the line for his sake. Looking at the bodies surrounding her, Sam slowly raises, releasing a smile that pushes all Jason’s worries away. She is astonished by him; she feels alive because of him, the adrenaline burns through her, love disseminates in its place. Her astonishment of Jason drives her into his arms.

“I’m always okay with you.” Leaping into his arm, whispering into his ear, nestling her face into his neck. “I love you so much, Jason.” He breathes, crushing her into him. Settling into each other, Jason lowers her on to the ground, but he doesn’t release his grip on her. He wants Sam close until he knows the danger is really gone. “We need to check and make sure there aren’t any more inside the cabin.” Breaking their grip on each other, Jason and Sam look to the wide-open cabin door. “Do you think there’s more of them inside?” Sam inquiries,  Jason grabs her arm, moving her behind him, cautiously moving them both towards the cabin door. Jason enters first, gun drawn. “Stay here, please.” He glides through the cabin; there are no signs of life.

“Aww, Jason the cabin! It’s ruined! Sam moves into the cabin, assessing the damage. Bullets hole accent the walls of the cabin, leaking in the moonlight, exposing the mayhem. The once bustling, bright fire, is now, dull orange coals. Everything that had a place is now, in disarray. The warm, welcoming cabin, is now, a shell of itself. Sam pulls herself in, distraught over the mess that was made. Moving towards the fireplace, she picks up the Phoenix,  crouches down, and fingers the broken pieces to the Dragon. “Jason, what does this mean?” looking from the broken Dragon to Jason, she begins to cry. “Jason, everything is destroyed. How did they know about this place, how did anyone find us?” Jason hurries himself to Sam, he takes the broken dragon from her shaking hand, lifts her up and pulls her into an embrace she wants, but resists at first.

After putting up a little fight, Sam rests her head on Jason’s chest and lets his heartbeat and soft words soothe her. “It’s okay. No one else will come. No one will hurt you.” Jason’s eyes water feeling the fear and anguish radiating from Sam. He wraps around her, transferring his strength. “Those men were the men following me from Russia. They followed me here. No one knows about this place.” Sam tenses up, gripping the back of Jason’s shirt tighter.

“But do you think anyone heard? Do you think the cops are coming?” Jason pulls himself from Sam, lowers himself on the edge of the tattered up chair, and pulls Sam back in, looking deep in her eyes. “No one is coming out here. I lured the men out here but became distracted by your presence. This is still our place if you want it to be.” Sam answer with a huge smile taking over her face. “We can rebuild together. It’s just a few holes. Don’t worry, Sam. We’re safe.” Jason feels Sam relax, causing him to rest.

“Jason, you have always made me feel safe, and I didn’t realize how much I missed that feeling until now, until today, until that man had that gun to my side.”

“I’m sorry, Sam. I never wanted you to be apart of this situ-.”

“No, no, you stop it. You didn’t know I was coming up here. And, Jason when the shooting started I wasn’t scared. I was excited. I knew everything was going to be okay, just like that night on the pier. When I opened my eyes and saw you, I knew I was safe. When you came around the corner, and I knew you were okay, I was okay. I’m upset about the cabin.” Moving away from Jason, Sam retakes it all in, again. The holes throughout the walls, the pictures from “The Morgan’s” box littered about, the bullet-riddled furniture and her scattered jewelry, every necklace she received from him.

“Oh no.” Sam moves towards the necklaces on the floor. Bending down, she picks up the broken Polynesian necklace with her birthstone. “This cabin, these necklaces, the pictures, and Danny are what got me through. When the pain got to be too much, when missing you was all I could feel; I had them.” Spinning around to show Jason the broken necklace, Sam begins to cry. “It’s broken.”

Picking up the broken Dragon figurine up, Jason moves towards Sam. “Stand up, please and look at me.” Holding his hand out, she follows his command. Braiding their hands together with the broken necklace between them, Sam looks past his piercing blue eyes, to his soul. “Sam, everything broken can be fixed.  Together we can put it all back together.” Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, Jason leans in, lightly biting Sam’s bottom lip.

Grabbing the back of Sam’s neck, he pulls her into him, kissing her with the passion of a raging sea. A kiss ignites the fire in Sam immediately making her wet. Sam jumps into Jason’s arms and wraps her leg around his waist. She attacks his lips; biting, teasing and nibbling at them before completely devouring them. They stay braided together dancing the length of the room to the sounds of their moans.

They both begin to enjoy each other’s familiar taste.

“Mmmmmmm.” Sam pulls back to catch her breath, she looks deep into Jason, communicating her lustful desires. Sam leans in licking Jason from neck to ear, inducing Jason’s dick to react. Jason grips Sam back, roughly drawing his hands down her spine. He rocks her back and forth, thrusting her deeper into him; as her tongue dances in his ear.

“Jason, Jason.” Sam tickles Jason’s ear.

Jason forces Sam against the wall caressing her gently. Running his hands, the length of her body. He touches her all over as if he is in search of something that only her body could give him. He wants to memorize this body again, he wants to know every dip, bump, crease and fold she possesses. He covers the length of her, her body holding onto his as if it was always meant to be there. Sam grabs Jason’s face, drawing his attention back to her, shoving her tongue into his mouth, her passion is so intense, Jason braces the wall with both hands. Sam’s kisses overcharge his senses.  The taste of Sam is making Jason weak. He lowers her from him, pinning both her arms to the wall. He doesn’t want her to touch him; he can’t handle it. He wants to enjoy every moment. He has missed her touch, her smell. He wants to take his time with her; he can feel her hunger for him, and it’s making him overcharged.

Slowly undressing her, he tickles her skin ever so lightly with his finger, examining every inch of her body. He wants to remember her old scars and get to know her new ones. She stays pinned to the wall paralyzed by the ecstasy, moaning under the weight of his lips piercing her skin. Completely naked Jason takes a step back and examines his work, standing in awe of her body, and whispering “God you’re beautiful,” he begins to undress for Sam.

Taking his time, slowly inching his shirt off, throwing it at her. He begins to unbutton his pants when Sam arrives to assist, but Jason is not having it. He pins her back to the wall, kissing her neck. “Stay” Jason strokes into her ear with the tip of his tongue. He steps back and continues his previous task. Jason unbuttons his pants, giving them, a little jiggle causing them to fall to the ground.  Sam bites her lip, resisting the urge to devour his dick with her lips and tongue, getting wetter and wetter with each piece of clothing that falls from his body. Moving wildly towards Sam, he passionately pins her back to the wall; caressing his cheek against her, breathing “Can I, have you?” He spins her around, pinning both her hands to the wall, gripping his hand into hers; enraging her senses.

Pressing his warm sweaty body against hers, whispering “Is it still mine?” he moves slowly down her body, his lips tickling against her goose-bumped skin, drawing short, quick breaths from Sam with every touch. He feels her body rejoiced in the warmth of his breathe, she moans and jumps with every interaction of his lips to her skin. Jason forcibly spreads her legs with his. She grips the wall, digging her nails into it. His hand finally comes to the sweet place he had dreamed of for the past five years. His fingers begin to stroke her soft lips. Sam dips her head, arches her back to prepare for what she knows is coming next. Outlining her clitoris with his finger, Jason stares into her eyes, wanting to see her beg for him to continue. Sam is unable to speak, and with that, his finger is inside her. “She’s missed me,” Jason whispers in her ear. “I’ve missed her too.”  Sam squeals with every thrust. She fights when the second finger enters her, biting her cheek and screaming his name. Shivering uncontrollably, she dangles trapped in Jason’s ecstasy embrace.

Massaging her pussy, he kisses and bites her lips; sucking one, then the other causing Sam to gushes between her legs. Removing his wet fingers, he places them in his mouth and then into hers. Licking the sweat building on the surface of her skin, Jason lifts her up against the wall, with her legs still spread, he tickles her clitoris with the tip of his tongue. Sam grips his hair and moans “Jason” with her body and soul no longer under control she squirts in his mouth. Jason lifts her higher, feasting and drinking her juice. “Mmmmm, damn Sam! You taste so fucking good!”

Jason walks over to the bed and ferociously throws her down. “We are not done.”  Looking lustfully at her, he lowers himself on to his knees, slowly moving his hands down her inner thigh, opening her for full view. Leaning back, Jason loses himself in her beauty, freezing he marvels at her. Just the sight of her sends him into overdrive. He wants to devour her right now, but he also wants to take his time with her; it’s been too long to rush. He wants every touch, kiss and moment with her to count.

Sam grabs Jason hand, knocking him out of his trance, staring into Sam’s smoldering brown, sultry eyes, he slowly begins to drum her pussy, smiling “It still drips for me.”

“Yes!” Sam squirms, arching her back and grabbing her breast. Jason locks eyes with her, breaking the seal, he strokes her labia. Pinning one thigh to the side, his lips lightly brush her inner thigh, thumbing her clit, moaning, “Does it feel good?” Jason quivers to Sam’s responding body, his dick gets rock hard, his body exudes lust, and his heart races with love.

Sam grips Jason’s arm, digging her nails in; arching the small of her back high, trying to express her pleasure. Penetrating Jason with her titillating eyes, she moans a huge sign, jerking and trembling under Jason’s touch.  His touch alone makes her implode with ecstasy; slowly, subconsciously she begins to scoot away. The high is too much.

Reactively, and not to be deterred,  Jason pulls Sam back to him, slowly lowering his head between her leg, he mouths “Mine.” Sticking his tongue directly into her opening, Jason draws her deep into him, wrapping her legs around his neck, like a necklace specially made for him, locking his arms around her legs, and stretching his hands on the curve of her hip, eating at her soul.

Groaning, Jason devours her essence, licking every drop her body offers; Sam jumps, wiggles, moves, and fights, but she is no match. “Stop, nooo, don’t stop.” Jason has her locked in, loving every inch of her. Tickling her nipples, Jason assails Sam with his tongue, as it was his first time tasting her. Pulling her close, Jason widens his tongue, licking the whole of her pussy. Jason’s feast upon Sam, as if it was his last meal.

Screaming in pleasure, Sam rips Jason’s head away from her; she can’t handle his tongue one more second, she was going to burst all over his face. Pulling herself up, she pushes against his chest with her foot, he drags his tongue the length of her leg, forcing him into full view; “Stand up!” Drawing his hands down her body, Jason slowly stands up, presenting himself to her. Biting her upper lip, her eyes trailing the length of his body to his dick, she pulls at his boxers, looking at him from the top of her eyes, she slides on her knees and crawls towards him. “It’s my turn.”

Smiling, “Is it?”  Jason pulls his hands behind his head, resting them on the back of his neck. He drips with anticipation, as Sam crawls up his chest. Leveling herself with Jason, Sam gently kisses the dip between ear and throat; sending a pulse through them, speeding both their heart rates. Her touch makes him wild;  feverishly he grabs her, biting his lip, as Sam drags his boxers down, exposing Jason’s full resplendence.

Biting his shoulder blade, Sam grabs Jason, massaging him with both hands.

Letting out a little squeal, Jason jerks from her warm embrace. Teasing his balls, Sam dances her tongue across his chest, stimulating his nipples, arousing him to no end. Jason’s dick jumps in Sam’s hands, exhilarated by her, he braces the wall for balance. Licking her way down Jason, Sam rolls on her back, scoot right under him, caressing Jason’s balls with the tip of her tongue.

Dipping further down into her mouth, Jason circles her nipples with his moist finger. “Damn, Sam. Damn!” Jason wails biting his lip and throwing his head back. Sam’s heat pulsates through Jason, confining him in overwhelming sensations. Bobbing Jason in and out of her mouth, arousing him with her tongue, Sam strokes his dick between her fingers; feeling his strength rising, makes her drip.

Without taking her lips off Jason, Sam turns overarching her buttocks into Jason’s eyesight, she wraps her hand around him, slowly gripping hard. Closing her eyes, she lines her lips with Jason’s dick, as if he were a tube of lipstick. “Do you still taste the same,” Sam speaks into Jason, before tapping him against her tongue. “Sam” Jason shakes, as the excitement builds in his dick. Jason closes his eyes, and smacks Sam’s ass,  as Sam drags her widen tongue from the base of his manhood to its tip.

Sam closes her moist lips around Jason, sending a five-year explosion through his body. He grips her hair through his fingers, watching himself enter and exit her. Feeling Sam’s warmth, makes the last five years feel like a dream. “This mouth, I’ve dreamed of this fucking mouth!” Choking on Jason’s love, Sam clenches Jason’s butt, thrusting him deeper. “AWWWW” Jason screams in ecstasy, clawing at Sam’s back. Flossing her teeth with his body, Sam consumes Jason’s love, reacting to his pleasure, she recites the ABC with her tongue on Jason’s dick. Engulfing Jason’s being, Sam sucks his spirit, merciless.

Overwhelmed with ecstasy, Jason slides out of Sam, flips her on her back, whispering “I have to have you.” Giving her pussy one last lick, Jason lingers over Sam, captivated by her warm, glowing body; teasing Sam with the tip of his dick. He slaps her lips, circles his tip around her opening, slightly breaks her seal; getting overly aroused by her reaction. Tingling his tongue around her neck, Sam’s nails dig in with anticipation, as Jason slowly places himself inside her.

Opening her up, Jason crotches around her, drawing her closer. “I love you so much!” Jason breathes, as he speeds up his stroke, pushing his lips to hers. Losing himself, Jason wreaks havoc on Sam; stroking to the sounds of her moans, Jason explodes, caressing the depths of her womb. He doesn’t stop, the release only intensifies his passion. “I’ve missed this, I’ve missed you, I miss us.” Sam vibrates under Jason, squeezing tightly around him, releasing everything she has. Biting her tongue until she tastes blood, Sam forces Jason on his back.

Slowly gliding down Jason’s dripping shaft, Sam fondles herself, as Jason watches. Staring into each other, they connect, most intimately. The last five years wash away, as they become one. Dancing on Jason’s dick, Sam spins around, twirling her ass for him. “Still got it.” Jason slaps her ass, filling his hands with her. Bracing her hands on his knees, Sam squeezes around Jason’s shaft, dragging him against her walls; pulling his soul from his body in the process. Closing her legs, Sam pounces on Jason, before spinning back around.

Connected in every way, Jason swivels her on her back. Ravaging her body, Jason picks her up, thrusting them against the wall, deepening his stroke. “It’s still mine?” Jason teases.  Sam, fights, claws, and bite at Jason, embracing the ecstasy, she goes limp, releasing an intense orgasm all over Jason. “Yes, there it is.” Holding Sam’s sweaty pleasured body, Jason feels peace. Sam is the elixir Jason needed this whole time. He needed to be one with her, to make it all make sense again.

Sam cradles her head on Jason’s shoulder, as Jason slows his stroke. “You want me to stop?” Jason deeply thrusts into Sam again, causing her to squeal with enjoyment. “No, faster.” Sam licks Jason’s ear. Placing her down, Jason’s spins her around,  spreading her cheeks; “Home!” Jason grasp into Sam’s hair as he enters her again. Sam arches her back, rests her head on Jason and fondles herself to Jason’s love noises.

Seductively trapped in each other’s love, their moans could be heard well into the early hours of the morning.

Finishing spreading his love throughout Sam’s body, Jason places her in the nook of his body and rolls to his side, pulling Sam closer. Calming their racing hearts, and electrified cells, Jason and Sam speak the only language that matters to them. Still connected as one, they fall into a peaceful deep sleep in each other’s arms. They stay unmoved, joined as one being.

Sam awakens to sunlight bleeding through the bullet holes of the cabin. Still connected to Jason, she slides off of him, breathing a deep sigh. Looking back at a peaceful sleeping Jason, she touches herself remembering last night. Brushing her lips, she recalls his taste; rubbing her nipples, she remembers the feel of his taste. Kissing him charges her up for another round. Moving to the other side of the bed, Sam notices her flashing cell phone amongst the bedlam on the floor. Picking it up, Sam sees the 30 missed called from Drew; the 5 from Monica; 22 text messages from Drew and the time of day.

1:13 pm.

Realizing she allowed herself to get lost in Jason; Sam quietly gets dress creeping to the front door, Sam looks back mouthing “I love you, Jason Morgan!” She disappears into the woods, as Jason rolls over to an empty cabin.

Arriving at her old apartment, Sam ignores Drew’s latest call but calls Monica’s. After checking in on Danny, Sam showers evidence of Jason from her skin, trapping it in her mind and heart. Sam dresses, and informs Drew through text; she is on her way.

Sam enters the PentHouse to a strangely calm Drew.

Lifting himself off the couch, Drew moves towards Sam. “Where have you been?” Noticing the change in Sam’s demeanor, Drew changes course, moving towards the desk; allowing Sam safe passage into the Penthouse.

“My old apartment. How is Scout.” Taking off her coat, Sam notices the changes made to the apartment. She notices the missing pictures, and the added trinkets poorly hidden throughout the front area. Not worrying herself with the changes, Sam heads for the stair.

“She would be better if she had her mother.” Showing his fangs, Drew grabs papers out of the desk. “You’re friend Spinelli stopped by while you were out.”


Collaboration cred: Lynne

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