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Hey Black Girl, With The Big Name, Make Them Respect Your Name!

“So go forth, and rep proudly for all the ghetto-named girls, and if someone happens to mispronounce your name, make sure you give your neck a swirl. Look them dead in the eye and correct them..”
                                         -Sha’Condria ‘iCon’ Sibley

I Love to Help People understand a world they will never live

Diverse Books And The Haters
Creative Ways To Slang Your Book During COVID...
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fighting injustice with literature


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Let’s face it, the market isn’t set-up to represent black boys in a positive light. They want to keep our boys lock in their boxes, with their ideas of how black boys should be represented in the world. Not to the best of standards either, anyway (just tellin’ it like it is, babe). Look no further… We have it all right here! We have books, toys and special content made with the intent to empower, uplift and guide little black boys in a positive light!