Crown Universe

Crown Universe depicts the life of a black teenage girl, who wakes up with super power!

Like every superhero, Crown has a logo, a symbol that represents who she is in her core. Teja/Crown’s logo is inspired by a hair pick.

Crown Universe Crown Comics

Teji Aka Crown

Teji aka Crown woke me up out of my sleep (most of my story ideas do). I had a dream of a superhero. A black superhero. Female superhero. A black female superhero, whose hair was her superpower!

For black women, their hair is a huge part of their identity. Women pay thousands of dollars a year on their hair just to be told it’s not good enough! Black hair is being attacked in the workplace, in our kid’s schools, and even by our own people!

Crown was created to tell black girls, black women that their hair is good enough! Their hair is beautiful! Our hair is acceptable!

Her Crown was her hair. Her most prized possession!

Xabriere: The Tech Genius

Xabiere is the next character that I will be introducing from The Crown Universe.

Xabiere is a tech genius. He loves everything tech. He builds robotics, a fully automated security system for his family home. He’s a “nerd” who loves comic books, anime, manga, and history.  Coming from the poor side of town everything he knows is self-taught.


Also, a lover of football, he is the captain of the JV football team at his school.

If not locked away in his garage building something new or practicing on the field, you can find him with his friends jamming out to music.

Crown Universe Crown Comics. Henceforth. This is the best book. 

All Art is done by Julie Anderson 

All rights reserved. 

Crown universe crown comic