Chapter Seventeen

“Sam, SAM!” Jolting up, blinking his eyes hard trying to focus on the brightness of his surroundings, Jason searches for her. Pressing his hand under him, Jason balls the sheets of the bed in his hand. He picks at his chest and plays with the hospital gown that draping his body. He’s confused. The last thing he remembers was the darkness, and the sound of the gun going off. Closing his eyes, seeing the bullet hit Sam’s body, hearing the thud that rang through the woods when Sam hit the ground, Jason fights the memories flooding his body. 

“Sam” Gripping the side of the bed with his left hand, and cradling his pounding head in his right hand, Jason’s eyes burn under the harsh, dull florescent lights. He ignores the weakness in his body, and rips the cords attached to his chest off; he peels the blanket off his legs, swinging them over the bed and placing his feet on the cold checkered tiled floor. A memory hits his body. Jason remembers the trees, the feel of his feet scraping the ground, the cold wind against his skin. A wave of goosebumps shower Jason’s body as the cold settles in him. Still ignoring the signs from his body, Jason struggles to move. He feels the bandages wrapped around him. He feels the dampness from his leaking wound. He can even hear Sam’s voice telling him to stay in bed. He knows that what he should do but he can’t stop moving. Something inside of him can not rest not knowing where Sam is. Something inside of him is pushing him forward. Something inside of him is telling him to find Sam. Focusing all his energy on his bag of clothes on the other side of the room, Jason places his right foot in front of him. Being deliberate in how he places his foot, grinding his teeth, and shifting some of his weight to be braced on the nightstand, Jason grunts through the pain.  

Using every object in his pathway to help him cross the short distance from the bed to the chair, Jason fights his body instincts to shut down. He blinks his eyes hard, bites his lips and focuses on the last time he saw Sam. Anything to keep him moving forward. 

“Hey, what are you doing out of bed?” A women’s voice comes echoing into Jason’s ears. 

“Sam? Where’s Sam?” Jason grunts through his teeth. Now holding onto his IV bag pole, Jason doesn’t want to turn his attention to Carly. He doesn’t want to put his weight on her. He doesn’t want Carly. “Is Sam here too?” Jason tries to blink the fuzziness from his eyes. “Let’s get you to the bed,” Carly whispers through tight lips. Shrugging away from Carly, gripping the pole hard, and blinking the sweat from his eyelashes, Jason does the one thing he had been avoiding since Carly’s voice came barreling into his sense; He turns his focus from his bag of clothes to Carly.

Bulging his eyes out of his sockets, “Tell me.” Pulling Carly down with him, Jason’s knees hit the ground as Carly’s silhouette burns the edges of his vision. 


Wrapping Sam into him, Jason uses every muscle in his body, to lift her. He feels the blood sliding down his side. He feels his life force draining, but his love for Sam and the warmth of her body won’t let him falter. Hoisting her up slightly, Jason falls to one knee. Sam’s dead weight and his fresh, seeping bullet wound, make him weak. His muscles shake uncontrollably. His entire left side is numb. 

The woods move around Jason again. 

Turning his body to face the noise, Jason sees an opening. He isn’t sure if the darkness is hiding Drew’s body or if he is gone. He doesn’t wait to find out. 

He bites his bottom lip, strains every muscle, Jason whips Sam over his shoulder while releasing a low, muffled groan. Jason wants to scream out, but Drew’s presence won’t let him. An unconscious, and hurt Sam won’t let him show weakness. Finally making it onto both feet, Jason fights the darkness obstructing his vision. He knows he doesn’t have much time, he knows he has to get as far as he can before it’s too late for him and for Sam. 

Filling his lungs with all the cold air they will allow, Jason stumbles a few feet. He slightly turns in the direction he thinks the cabin is and takes a few more steps into the darkness. He struggles a few more steps before the weight of everything comes crashing down on him. Jason falls to the ground losing Sam’s lifeless body in the process. She rolls away from him as his body crumbles the floor of the woods.

Reaching for Sam, Jason fights to get to her as the darkness takes hold of him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fighting the blankets wrapped around his body, “Sam, wake up!” Jason screams. 

Wrapping her hand into his, and pushing his body back onto the bed, “Jason, it okay. You’re okay.” Carly soothes him. 

Taking deep, long labor breathes, “They have her.” Jason lets the scenery of the small hospital room seep into him. He rests his head back onto the pillow and closes his eyes. 


Strapped to a stand-up metal bed, Jason can smell the seawater. He can hear the waves crashing against the rocks. He can feel the tubes coming from his arms. He’s awake and he is not alone. A tall, slender, dark man stands in the corner hoovered over a computer. He’s new. The last doctor was an old Greek man, and the man before that was a black American. Jason notes every time he awakens there is a new player in the game for his life. Pushing against the straps around his body, Jason plans his escape. He has waited. He has waited, he doesn’t know how long but he knows this is his time. He can feel her. He knows this is the moment. This is his moment to be free again. 

Lowering his eyes, Jason concentrates. 

Two ways out, he thinks. The main door ahead of him, or the side door the doctor keeps coming from. The doctor has entered and exited twice through that door without realizing Jason was awake. Jason notes the doctors focus on his task and only his task. Fixating his focus on the front door, Jason feels like it’s his only way out. He watches it, stalks it with his eyes as he slowly applies force to his restraints. He learned the last time he was awake, that the bolts connecting the bed to the straps were weak, and loosen at the source. He knew it was only a matter of time before they would pop. 

So, he slowly rocks, being patience for the moment he is free. He thinks about it, plans it out. He knows where he needs the doctor to be before he attacks. He knows what he will use to take the doctor out. The room was filled with weapons but he knows there’s a 9mm in the desk by the window. He saw it the last two times he was awake. Finally taking his eyes off the front door, Jason looks to the desk as the door swing opens and she swings through his peripheral view. 

Feeling the beat of his heart, and the tremble in his hand, Jason fights the full-body restraints, “Sam?” Jason screams her name. “That was Sam. Why is she here? What are you doing to her? Sam!” 

“Why is he up here? And most importantly why is he awake?” Slamming the down behind him, Henrick screams at a doctor. 

Jason’s heart drops into his stomach, as his focus shifts from escape to rescue. 

“I didn’t know he was awake” The doctor looks from Henrick to Jason. “And the power outage ruined his sample. We have to get another one if you want your sick plan against your father to work.” The doctor moves over to a clear cabinet and opens it with the key from his pocket. 

“Now is not the time.” Henrick moves over to the desk, grabs the gun and tucks it into his backside. 

No one ever takes the gun from the drawer. They check it, maybe take it out the drawer and put it on top of the desk but they never take it away from the desk. A change in plans, Jason thinks. Take out Henrick, then the doctor. Or hit him with the chair, or cut him with the scalpel. Jason’s mind races with different scenarios. 

“This is the only time. It is now or never.” The doctor plunges a needle into Jason’s arm. “Bring the girl now. We do it and we’re done. I owe you nothing after this.”

Pacing the room, “What now? Too many people. Control. Can’t be seen. You’re in control. Valentine is here. Nikolas is, his mother. Too many.” Henrick talks to himself. 

“Does Drew know we have her?” Henrick stops pacing, spins around and questions the doctor. 

“He was the one that knocked her out. He stayed with the others. Your plan is working. Now decide! He will be ready for extraction and the twin ensured me the girl is primed and ready.” The doctor plunges another needle into Jason’s arms. 

Fighting the needle this time, Jason knows what that needle is for. He knows he only has seconds before the darkness takes hold. Blinking long and slow, trying to keep his head up and alert, Jason fights to remember everything. He fights to hear everything they are saying. 

“We can’t bring her in until he is out. Everything is about control.” Henrick’s words enter Jason’s mind as darkness falls upon him. 


Fighting the restraints, Jason feels his freedom. He swings his arm up and around, ripping the needle out of his arm and he opens his eyes. “Where is Sam?” He grabs the male nurse by neck and squeezes. “Where is she? She was just here. A man was carrying her.” Jason shakes the scared nurse. 

The nurse claws at Jason’s arms as his feet barely scrap the hospital floor. The nurse fights for life while Jason’s grip tightens. His eyes bulge, drool slips from his mouth and sweat from his body threatens to loosen Jason’s grip. 

I’ve been moved, Jason thinks. Noting the hospital gown and all the monitors in the room Jason knows he’s never been here. They are somewhere new, and this is a new development. He thinks is Sam here? And how much time has passed since he last saw that glimpse of her? Trying to move, Jason uses the hand not wrapped around the man’s neck to lift them both up but his newly stitched side has different plans. Feeling a pain that wasn’t there when he initially woke up, Jason glides his hand over his wound. 

Winching, “What did you do to me?” Jason visualizes all the complications this development presents.  Jason throws the lifeless man to the ground, swing his feet off the bed and stand up. He grabs his side and concentrates on the hospital door. He doesn’t know how long he has been out this time, he never knows when he wakes up. All he cares to know about is the freedom that lies on the other side of that door. Sam is on the other side of that door. He thinks.

Bracing himself against the bed, every step Jason takes drains him but he fights. 

Jason reaches the end of the bed when the door flies open. 

Jason can’t see who it is, his vision blurs with every step he takes but he can see them looking at the man on the ground and he can hear the screams for help that are coming from his mouth. 

Now or never Jason thinks as he charges the man. He stumbles a few steps and crashes into someone’s arms. 

“Tell me where she is?” Jason whisper before passing out. 



Shooting his body straight up, “Sam?” Jason is alert. 

Darkness surrounds him. 

Feeling the cold tickle his toes, Jason wiggles them back to life. He feels the warmth creep up his feet and into his legs. He feels his heartbeat strong and steady, he remembers the dark figure.

Darting his eyes through the darkness, Jason only sees trees and a little light from the cabin. 


A figure interrupts the peace of the woods with a loud howl. 

Feeling the sting of the bullet, Drew spins around to witness Sam bolting deeper into the cabin. Popping up on his toes, kicking up dirt, Drew takes off after Sam. He ignores the pain from the gunshot. His anger and passion fuel him. 

Frantic, Sam runs to the back doors, snatches it open and runs into the darkness. Her only thought is Jason. He’s unarmed and hurt. She refuses to let anyone take him from her again.

Running past the bathroom window, scooping Danny’s backpack without letting up, Sam doesn’t look back. She knows Drew is coming. It’s exactly what she wants. He was her problem, she started this, and it was her obligation to end it. She reaches the side of the house, slowing her movement slightly. She peeks around the house but the darkness blankets everything. She sees nothing but stars in the trees. 

Slowly inching around the corner of the house, Sam takes off again. She doesn’t slow down when she reaches the front of the house. She picks up the speed and runs straight into the trees. She circles around, slowing her speed while looking for Jason and Drew. 

“Jason!” Sam whispers.

Spotting Jason’s feet in front of her, “I’m here! Jason!” Sam pounces him. Jumping on top of him, Sam tries really hard to make their bodies one with each other and one with the woods. 

 “Sam?” Jason groans.  

 “Shh, he’s out there.” Sam sees him. 

Drew stands in the light of the cabin, inflamed. His neck budges, and blood drips from his arm. The veins pulsate from his neck and all the blood is in his face. His fist rest at his side and his chest is pointed to the sky. 

“You agreed to be mine” Drew grunts. “You said you’d be mine forever, you promised me!”

Burying her head low, Sam presses herself deeper into Jason, and never takes her eyes off of Drew. 

“SAM! Sam, I know you’re out there.” Drew screams. 

Sam lowers herself to Jason’s chest and feels his arms wrap around her. She lets his warmth calm her body. 

“You both won’t make it out of these woods alive.” Drew laughs. “Come out Sam if you want your precious Jason to live.” Drew passes the front of the cabin, heading towards the opening in the woods. 

Listening to Jason’s heart, Sam feels it speed up. She pries her head from Jason’s heart and looks for Drew. She lost him when he left the front porch. 

“I know he’s hurt. I shot him. And I saw the blood that leads here.” Screaming, Drew inches closer and closer to Jason and Sam. 

“Jason!” Drew laughs and grabs Sam with both arms. 


Throwing his arms up to find they are paralyzed at his side, Jason panics. 

 “He’s awake.” A voice Jason recognizes but he can’t place. His vision is blurred and fuzzy. He can see images. At least 3 hovering over him but he can’t make them out. Blinking his eyes hard, Jason fights his arm restraints. He’s not in the full-body restraints anymore. These new restraints are too low and only on his arms. 

 “Jason?” Someone touches his arm. Jerking his head in the direction of the voice, Carly’s face comes in clear. 

 “Give him a second, Carly. Let the man breathe.” Sonny’s voice hits the other side of Jason’s face. 

 “Don’t tell me how to take care of my best friend. And I was just seeing if he was truly awake this time.” Carly snarls her teeth. 

 “His eyes are open, aren’t they? He’s trying to get out, isn’t he? Give him a second to gather himself.” Sonny flashes his smile. 

 Jason looks past Carly, drowning their bickering out. He only sees her. 

 Opening his hand, “Sam?” Jason reaches for her.

 Across the room, Sam lays peaceful in an adjacent bed. She hooked up to monitors that let Jason know her heart is beating strong. She has a bandage wrapped around her head, it’s the only notable wound because she is draped in fresh white blankets. Her skin is full of color, and her chest rises at a consistent rate. She’s here. She’s okay, Jason thinks as he closes his eyes and welcomes the darkness. 


The sea air tickles Jason’s nose. Blinking the drugs out of his eyes, Jason looks over at her but she’s not the same. The bandage around her head is gone, there is no monitor tracking her strong heartbeat, and she isn’t draped in clean white sheets. She has on a hospital gown, with her legs in the air and she strapped to the metal bed. 

 Looking around the room, “Sam?” Jason whispers and fights his resistance loose but they don’t move like before. He’s on a different bed. He’s on an actual bed. He balls the sheets in his hand, and settle his body into the thick mat under him. He looks around noticing they are alone. 

Allowing himself more freedom to look around, Jason pokes his head off the bed to look at the new resistance locking his feet and arms in place but he doesn’t notice his resistance because he’s naked. At least from the waist down. He’s wearing a hospital gown also. 

 “Sam?” Jason screams this time as the side door the doctor always enter blast open. 

“It’s done? Sam is pregnant?” Drew walks in the side door behind Henrick with the Doctor trailing them both. 

Jason lowers his head back on the bed and closes his eyes. 

 “Yes. In a few weeks, you will have to act surprised when she tells you.” The doctor smiles. 

 “What if it doesn’t work? Faison said I had to get her pregnant.” Drew walks over to Sam and brushes her hair with his hand. 

 “Trust me. She is pregnant.”The doctor rolls his eyes at Drew, turns his back and starts cleaning up his work station. 

 Jason slowly opens his eyes and looks at Sam. 

 “He dies now? You got to screw over your dad and I get to keep this life without Faison knowing the truth. You’re in complete control. You don’t need Jason anymore. Sam pregnant with my kids is the last piece in the Jason puzzle?” Drew gathers an unconscious Sam in his arms and head for the front door. 

 “Yes! He can die now.” Henrick states through gritted teeth. 

 Biting down on his lip, Jason fights his resistance and stares at a lifeless Sam in Drew’s arms. 

 “What is he doing awake? I thought you drugged him up good.” Henrick jumps back and screams at the doctor. 

 “I did! He’s too strong.” The doctor sticks a new syringe into a clear jar. “He can fight it. He’s body fights everything we give him. He’s one of the strongest patients I’ve ever dealt with.” The doctor slowly pulls the syringe out and squirts some of the contents into the air.

 “What did you do?” Jason fights. “Let her go.” Jason grunt through a closed mouth. Every muscle in his body is bulging as he presses his body against the weakly placed straps; his eyes never leaving Sam. 

 “Get her out of here.” Henrick barks at Drew. “Give him something before he gets free and kills us all. Henrick runs further away from an enraged Jason.    

Busting one of his legs free, Jason watches as the door closes, shielding Sam from his view. “Bring her back.” Jason busts his other leg free. 

 “Do you want his death to be quick or painful?” The doctor shakes as he slowly approaches a raging Jason. 

 “He doesn’t die. I’m not done with him.” Henrick cries, cowering in the corner near the desk where the gun usually is. 

 “But you just said.” The doctor stops in his tracks. 

 “I said what Drew needed to hear. Jason’s job is far from over. Give him something strong and …”

 Interrupting Henrick, “The only thing I can give him his an animal tranquilizer.” The doctor backs away from Jason, who has now freed one of his arms is untying his other. 

 “What are you doing? Give it to him before he kills us.” Henrick moves towards the side door. 

 The doctor grabs small tools that resembles a gun and pops a clear jar filled with a clear liquid in it and takes aim. “It could kill him.”

 “You said he’s strong. Stronger than anyone you’ve ever seen?” Henrick asks. 

 Jason is free as the doctor nods his head yes and shake from the inside out. 

 Feeling his feet underneath him, Jason cracks his neck and lunges at the doctor. 


The doctor pulls the trigger, stopping Jason in his tracks. 

 Pulling the needle from his arm, Jason takes a few more steps before crashing to his knees. 

 “Give him enough to make sure he sleeps the whole ride to Russia. I can’t have something like this happen while he’s in transport.” Henricks stands up, moves behind Jason’s rocking body and pushes him down. 


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  1. Hi Crown,

    First thank you 😊 🙏 for updating your story. I absolutely love where this story is going. I’m so glad that Jason and Sam made it to the hospital 🏥 I know that both of their injuries where severe. I’m glad that Jason woke up!! I love the fact that he was panicked and worried about Sam. I’m hoping that Sam wakes up soon too. I have a question though who had the kids? Where did Drew disappear too? Please post more soon!!

  2. Hi Crown,

    Thank you for updating the story. You’re doing a great job with writing this. I’m so glad that Jason woke up. I’m sad that Sam needed surgery too. And wasn’t awake when Jason woke up. I love that you’re exploring Jason panicked and looking for her. But I have a question who has the children? If Jason and Sam made it to the hospital. I’m still wondering how severe Jason‘s injuries are and how severe Sam’s injuries are? Where did Drew disappear to? I think my favorite thing about this story is the fact that you made Drew evil. Please post more soon!

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