Chapter Four

“Where is he?” Carly screams. “I know he’s here. I want to see him right now.” Rushing into the police station, Carly demands answers. Just like at the hospital, she doesn’t wait for a response, she just starts screaming. Brushing past several police officers, Carly burst into the interrogation room 1. Entering an empty room, Carly rages. She doesn’t want to hear what he did or why they took him to jail; it doesn’t matter to her. Carly just wants to see Jason. She needs to see him; she needs to know it’s real.

Pacing the length of the squad room, Carly sees red.  ”Jason. Jason, I’m here.” Carly screams on. The officers that fill the squad room are all too familiar with Carly and her antics. They all know she will scream her lungs out until she gets what she wants. Jason.

“Carly, calm down! Stop screaming.” Rounding the corner, an officer push Jason towards Carly. Anything to make the screaming stop.

Breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of Jason, Carly jumps a handcuffed Jason.

Carly is like a mother who panics every time her kid is out of her sight. “I thought I dreamed it all.” Enable to imagine Jason being retaken from her, Carly whimpers into his shoulder. “But you are back.”  Sometimes Carly thinks it all was a dream, and her Jason is still gone. Resting his head on top of Carly’s, Jason gives her a moment to calm herself. “Count to ten.”

“How is Sam?” Knowing Carly has seen Sam, Jason yearns for information.

He doesn’t care or have time for Carly’s freak out. He doesn’t care about his situation, or what he did to Franco; he only cares that his actions lead him to have to leave Sam alone.

“Sam is fine. She is being taken well care of by plenty of people.” Carly hisses.

“You always put everyone before yourself, and I hate it.” Understanding why he does it and that it’s who he is, Carly fights the urge to fight for him. She hates that Jason refuses to take care of himself. She needs him to understand his life is precious too.

Moving Jason towards one of the officer’s desk, Carly examines a familiar Jason; handcuffed, strong and silent. “I’m fine Carly; I want to know about Sam, why did you leave her.” Seeing Jason handcuffed and being escorted by cops reminded Carly that this is nothing new to Jason;  when it comes to Jason, she has nothing to worry about.

“No, Jason. You have to take care of yourself some time. If you don’t, you won’t be able to take care of everyone you love so much.” Furious with Jason, Carly pounds on the desk. “Dammit, Jason.” Carly’s anger gets the best of her. So indifferent to Jason, Carly moves away from him and turns her back.

Shuffling himself over to Carly, Jason places his hands on her shoulders, and draws her close, “You don’t need to worry about me, this isn’t new to you or me. I need you to calm down and remember who I am. Who you are.” Giving her shoulders a little squeeze, Jason release Carly, spinning her around to be eye to eye. “Tell me how Sam was when you last saw her.”

Stomping her feet and giving a little pout, Carly tries to escape Jason’s grip

“How do you know I saw Sam again.” The last thing Carly wants to discuss is Sam. Jason is the one in jail, not her.

“Carly, I don’t have time for your games. I know you saw Sam because you’re here. Just tell me.” Growing impatient, Jason gives Carly a little jolt, leading her to the closest desk, forcing her into a seat.

“You need to worry about you. Carly fights back.”You went after Franco?” Carly understands Jason’s motivation behind the attack, she can feel the tension in his body at the mention of his name. What she doesn’t understand is why Sam allowed him to attack. “You know he’s different? Sam didn’t tell you?”

Cutting Carly off mid-sentence, “I didn’t give her a chance, and I don’t want to talk about him. I want to know about Sam.” Pushing his rage for Franco aside, Jason tries to control himself. He doesn’t want to speak on the Franco issue, his only concern is Sam.

Seeing the fury swell in Jason, scares Carly. She has so much she needs to tell Jason about the last five years. So much to say to him about Franco, but seeing Jason rage for Franco, makes it harder for her. She doesn’t want Jason to her hate, she doesn’t think he will understand her actions; that he won’t even give her a chance to explain. Jason’s hate for Franco still burns, perhaps stronger than ever before.  “It matters, or you wouldn’t be here.”

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to talk about Franco. How was Sam when you last saw her?” Jason insists.

Jason never wanted to end up in a situation where he was away from Sam after getting her, especially when she needed and wanted him. Raging about Franco got him here. Not allowing those emotions to take over like that again, Jason vows to himself, Sam and his family with her, will come first.

Sam’s, I Love You, showed Jason what’s truly matters in his life.

“I told you she is fine! Can we talk about how we’re going to get you out of this? I called Diane, she’s on her way.” Jason’s persistence makes Carly feel uneasy. Shifting in her chair, Carly’s only concern is Jason’s freedom; and she wants it to be  Jason only concerned too.

“Why do you keep bringing her? You left her at the hospital. She is safe there. Did something else happen I don’t know about? Is Sam in danger?” Wondering if something else happened besides the Franco altercation, Carly stands up to be level with Jason.

Thinking about the few moments she was in Sam’s present, Carly recalls Sam being a little upset but not enough to make Jason this upset.

Startling herself, Carly recalls the events from the night before, the people who took Sam, the men after Jason. “Oh God, I forgot Jason. I forgot people were after you and Sam.” Carly screams. Fear rushes over her entire being.

Carly doesn’t want anyone she cares about in danger, especially Jason. She knows if there’s danger, Jason wouldn’t want the cops knowing. She knows Jason is the only one that can keep them all safe. She knows if Jason thought Sam was in danger he would do anything to protect her. Including breaking out of the police station. “Is she in danger? Jason, what are you going to do?”

Grabbing Carly by the arm, Jason drags her out of earshot of the cops. “No, Sam is fine, I think. I’m not sure but that not it, I just don’t want her to be alone. Can you go be with her?” Jason stresses.

Not wanting to freak Carly out and in turn freak Sam, Jason downplays the danger he senses.

Sensing the danger the first time he met Drew, Jason’s intuition is telling him something is not right with this whole situation. And by the way, Drew acted last night at Sonny’s place and today at the hospital, Jason thinks his intuition is probably right.  Not knowing precisely what he’s feeling, Jason knows he must protect the ones he loves at all costs.

Wholeheartedly believing Drew will hurt Sam, Jason pushes for Carly to go back to the hospital.

“Carly, please. Can you just do this for me?”

“Sam is fine. She has an entire hospital staff and the guy pretending to be you taking care of her. You need me more.”Pouting, Carly doesn’t want to leave Jason. Her guilt over the whole Jason situation weighs on her.

“Carly, I don’t need you here. Diane is on her way, there’s nothing else you can do for me here, but you can go back to the hospital and be with Sam. Tell her I’m okay, and I’ll come right there as soon as Diane gets me released.” Trying not to alarm Carly, Jason needs her to go back to the hospital. He doesn’t want Sam alone with Drew. Jason felt the change in Sam when Drew came into the room. He noticed her stiff body, the jump when Drew screamed, the loss of her voice at the sight of Drew; Jason also noticed Drew’s reactions, and he doesn’t want Sam alone with that. “Carly, I need you there, can you be in Sam’s corner for once?”

Shifting her weight, Carly is insulted by Jason’s statement.

“Fine, you don’t have to look at me like that or yell! I’ll go!” Displeased, Carly agrees. “And, I am in Sam’s corner, I have been since you left us.” Knowing Jason wouldn’t ask if he didn’t really want her to go, Carly turns to leave “I don’t want to leave you, but I’ll do what you ask.”

Feeling Jason discord, Carly turns backs, pulling him into an embrace. She could tell Jason felt the situation was out of his control and she hated seeing Jason in this state. Whispering in his ear, “Sam is okay. You’re home; we will all be okay. Squeezing Jason a little harder, Carly turns and leaves before Jason can see the tears in her eyes.

Back at the hospital…

Because he’s my husband, rings in Drew’s ears like Sunday Church bells.

Not surprised by her response, Drew expected her to react this way. He expected her to choose the real Jason, he expected Sam to fight for Jason, he expected Sam to believe the real Jason, he knew she would go running back to him. After witnessing their connection, Drew knew he would have to fight dirty.

Drew wanted Jason’s life for a reason, he’s willing to fight dirty to keep Sam and Jason’s life. Drew refuses to give up the life he has become accustomed to.

“What did you say?”  Giving her one last chance to change her answer, Drew knows he heard her. Sam was clear in her response. “Are you sure?”

Stalling, Drew is giving Sam the power to choose who he becomes. He was giving her the ability to allow him to stay Jason. He loved her, he loved the life she had given him; the family they had made. He knew Sam was the key to him staying Jason, Drew pleads to her with his eyes.

Drew believed she believed he was Jason. He doesn’t want to become the person he will have to become if Sam chooses Jason. He doesn’t want to force Sam, but he will if he has to.

“He’s the real Jason Morgan. He’s my husband!” Sam states proudly again. Sensing the shift in Drew, Sam shuts herself down. She can sense the same danger Jason has been feeling since meeting Drew.

Cracking his neck, and blinking his eyes uncontrollably, Drew’s attitude towards Sam changes.

Any inkling of Jason, Drew possessed in his being, is gone. Sam doesn’t recognize the man standing before her. She can’t see the man she shared the last 2 years with. The man standing before her is a stranger. All she sees is the man who kidnapped her all those years ago.

Tickled by Sam’s passion, Drew starts laughing. He laughs at Sam’s answer. He laughs at the reality of their situation. He laughs at Jason’s return. He laughs at what has to come next. He laughs at who he now has to be.

He just laughs.

“Are you sure he’s the one you want to be your husband? Maybe I need to help you see the truth.” Moving towards Sam, Drew grits his teeth at her.

Disappointed that things will be taking a nasty turn, Drew refuses to give up Jason’s life. He refuses to give up Sam. Feeling he has worked too hard to just walk away from it now, Drew shakes with rage. He had everything he ever wanted, everything until Jason returned.

“What do you mean… help me?” Scared and confused, Sam shifts in her bed. She doesn’t understand why Drew would ask such a question. She doesn’t understand why he is acting this way. Knowing he would be upset and confused, maybe even a little angry, Sam is startled by Drew’s behavior. Drew isn’t acting like the man she has known for the last two years; his laugh, the weird question, the uncontrollable shaking, all lets Sam realize she isn’t dealing with the same man she woke up with a few days ago.

Not wanting to be alone with Drew anymore; Panicked, Sam searches for the call button.

Making it to the call button before Sam can Drew snatches it, waving it in Sam’s face. “You made your choice.” Feeling he has to do what he has to, Drew mocks a scared Sam. “Oh, I’ll take that!” Drew snatches the cord right out of the wall. “You won’t be needing this right now. We have a few things to discuss. ALONE.” Finally being himself, Drew feels alive for the first time in years.  Shedding the burden of being Jason, Drew feels recharged. He wanted to be Jason for so long; he forgot what it meant to be himself. Knowing what needs to be done, Drew prepares for what comes next.

“Why are doing this…Jas…um..why?” Unsure of what to do, Sam stammers looking for something that isn’t there.  About to say Jason, Sam doesn’t know what to call him. He is not Jason, and with the way he’s acting, she realizes he never was. Wondering how she ever thought she loved him, Sam can’t comprehend this new person.

Sam can’t comprehend what is happening. “You’re not making sense.” Searching the door for Jason, for anyone, Sam pulls at her bedsheets. Fearing Drew has turned on her and will do something crazy, Sam wishes she followed her first instinct and went to the police station with Jason.

“Jason is what you stopped yourself from saying. You can call me Jason. That is my name. That is the name you have been calling me, don’t stop now.” Implementing his back up plan, Drew pulls out his cell phone and begins using it.

“I can’t call you that. I don’t know who you are, but I know you are not Jason. I know this must be hard. It’s hard for me, but I will help you. Jason and I will help you. This doesn’t have to be a fight.”  Sam only wants what’s best for everyone involved. She never wanted Drew to be hurt, but she can’t deny what her eyes and heart are telling her. The real Jason is at the PCPD.

“I don’t even know where to begin in figuring this out. I don’t know how you became Jason, but it’s was a mistake. One, we all can figure out together.” Thinking back to when Drew became Jason, to how he became Jason, Sam recalls the DNA test. She remembers Spinelli’s program.

Rubbing the sides of her head, Sam’s head begins to pound at the entire situation.

“We don’t need to figure out anything. I know who I am.” Drew snaps. He wanted to say, Drew. He wanted to say his real name. For a split second, he wanted to be Drew again. He wanted to be released from his Jason burden. He wanted to be him again, but then he remembered what being Drew meant, and he remembers he didn’t want to go back to that life; that he couldn’t go back to that life.

“Please stop this. Don’t do this. Terrified of what Drew is capable of, Sam stares into Drew’s wild eyes.  Don’t fight this, please!” Sam begs.

Slowly inching closer and closer to Sam, Drew’s neck bulges with rage. Sam’s heart begins to race as she pushes herself deep into the wall behind her. Her intuition is telling her something bad is coming. Drew starts to reach into his pocket, while Sam grabs the lamp next to her bed.

Ready for whatever Drew has for her, Sam swings the lamp back.

“Whoa, calm down!” Drew mumbles while taking his cell phone out of his pocket. He wasn’t going to hurt Sam. He just wanted to show her something. Something he thinks will help persuade her that he, in fact, is the real Jason.

“I just wanted to show you pictures of the real Jason. These photos will help show you why I have to be Jason.” Handing Sam a burner phone, Drew takes the lamp from Sam.

Sam refuses to take the phone. Nothing he shows her will change her mind. Nothing he does can make Sam believe he’s the real Jason.

Grabbing Sam’s hand, Drew shoves the phone in her face. Closing her eyes, Sam starts crying. “Stop this, please.”

“Sam, you deserve the truth. Just open your eyes.”  Opening her eyes, Sam can’t look away.

Throwing the phone at the wall, Sam looks at Drew horrified.

“Oh, there’s more.” Laughing at her reaction, Drew dials a number on his other phone.  Drew knows he can’t turn back now. Showing Sam those pictures exposed who he really is, and making the call puts plan B in full swing. Drew always had a plan B if the real Jason came back.

“It’s time. Sam is ready to talk to you.” Finally understanding the game Drew is playing, Sam slowly takes the phone. Staring him down, Sam fears for everyone in her life, especially Jason. Realizing the man Drew has always been, Sam smiles at Drew.

Arriving back at the hospital, Carly searches for Sam.

“Epiphany, where is Sam?” Walking back from Sam’s hospital room, Carly looks puzzled at Epiphany’s facial expression. “She’s not in her room.” Pissed she had to leave Jason, Carly grows impatient.

Carly’s pissed that Sam isn’t in her room. She’s pissed that she has to deal with Sam when she wants to be with Jason, pissed Jason insisted she come here and pissed she doesn’t know what is going on. Feeling overloaded, Carly is two seconds from raging on everyone.

“What do you mean? She was just in there with… one of the Jasons!” Panicked, Epiphany rushes to Sam’s room.

No signs of Drew or Sam, all the ladies find is the broken call button on the floor, and Sam’s belongs missing.

Wracked with guilt, Carly bolts down the hall. “Where are you going?” Epiphany screams after.

“Danny, he was in the playroom.” Becoming extremely worried, Epiphany races behind her.

Badging into the playroom, Epiphany searches the room for Danny.  “Where is Danny Morgan?” Mentally beating herself, Epiphany goes over her last minutes with Sam. She seemed comfortable with Drew. She agreed to be alone with him, she looked like she wanted it. Thinking she had other patients to tend to, Epiphany wonders if she made the right call.

“His parents picked him up a little bit ago.” A nurse states.

“Where could they be?” Carly begins to pace, as she pulls her phone out of her purse.

“I don’t know, Sam wasn’t released yet, the doctor wanted her to stay another night. The drugs are still in her system.”

Pushing Epiphany’s voice out of her mind, Carly makes a call.

“Sam isn’t at the hospital. She left with the other guy without telling anyone.”

18 thoughts on “JaSam…The True Story”

  1. You’re writing is good, and is definitely an interesting take in the triangle…but if I’m honest I’m struggling to believe this any more than what I’m seeing onscreen right now. This doesn’t feel like Sam either. Yes, she loves Jason but she’s loyal to a fault. She wouldn’t turn on Drew so easily. Throwing them back together the second he appears makes the reunion feel cheap. IMHO.

    But others seem to be enjoying it and it’s your story to tell. Best of luck to you moving forward.

      1. I did read the chapters and that isn’t the impression I got. The second she saw Jason, Drew became a nonfactor. She abandoned him on the spot. I understand in the story Drew is a bad guy but Sam didn’t know that. And she has spent two years with the guy. She has a child with him. Up until November they were happy together. It doesn’t make sense that would all disappear the second Jason reappears. I am curious to see your plan for the swap. I’m not even sure the writers know how and why it happened yet but I already don’t trust them not to blow it. But I can’t deny the OOC behavior makes it harder to get through.

  2. As I said, it’s your story and I don’t mean to tell you what to write. That would be overstepping. I’m just giving my opinion. Obviously she and Jason have a stronger connection, but that doesn’t make what she had with Drew completely meaningless. It makes sense that she would be torn, confused. Instead you just had her snap right back into 2012 Sam without a single thought. Making Drew a villain isn’t necessary to make Jasam shine. But again that’s all my opinion. Others clearly disagree and that’s okay. We’re all entitled to our opinions and we don’t have to agree. I don’t plan to comment on every chapter, criticizing your work. I’m not even criticizing now. Just giving a different perspective.

    1. I don’t think you’re overstepping, I want to hear your opinions on the story. And I see where you’re coming from… but for my long game Drew has to be bad… and everything she had with Drew was fake, based off Jason and hers history… up until the point she saw the real Jason she thought she was with Jason. This isn’t a Patrick situation where she knew she was with another person… she thought she was with Jason, so yes to me it makes perfect sense for her to turn straight to Jason! And even with Sam being loyal how is she suppose to know Drew wasn’t in on it. This man literally assumed her husband identity! But I appreciate your opinion and I welcome your views on this and the real story

      1. I just don’t feel like it’s that simple. Yeah, she thought he was Jason, but she also saw all the ways he was different from Jason and she not only accepted them. She embraced them. Even if it was all technically based on a false identity they went through A LOT together in those two years and those kind of experiences bond people. Or at the very least create the illusion of a bond. I did really like the snippet about the lugnut. I agree that was a perfect symbol for Jasam and I’m glad you’re using it.

  3. Where can I find chapters 5 thru 8? You are a great storyteller! I love your writing & this story! Looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

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