Chapter Three

Barely making it out of the way, Elizabeth steps to the side as both men barrel out of the door and into the hallway.

“Jason, stop. Jason.” Sam screams with a smile on her face. A part of Sam wants Jason to stop for his own safety, she just got him back; another part understands what it is driving Jason to attack in front of all these people.

“Jason?” Elizabeth whispers as chills run down her spine. Stepping into the hallway to get a better look at the man Sam called Jason, all Elizabeth can see are the punches hitting Franco, one after the other. She witnesses the passion in each throw, she feels the rage in Jason’s grunts.

Flashes of everything Franco has ever done race through Jason’s mind like a song on repeat; blocking out everything and everyone around him.

Sam in that box. Punch

Michael being raped in prison. Throw.

Aiden being kidnapped. Punch.

Threatening Joss. Kick

Sam in Hawaii. Punch.

Jason has one goal, and no one can stop him from achieving it. Managing to get his hands around Franco’s neck, Jason looks deep into Franco’s eyes, “This is where I finish this for good.” Strengthening his grip around Franco’s neck, Jason thinks of Franco, of Drew, of the last five years; and squeezes until Franco’s eyes roll in the back of his head.

“This ends now, you sick freak.” Stone Cold implodes

“Jason, please don’t’ do this. I just got you back, please! Franco isn’t worth it. Please look at me.” Sam’s voice beckons him back to reality.

Knowing they can’t stop the Stone Cold that lives in Jason, a path clears as Sam’s voice flows through the crowd to Jason’s soul; Breaking through his Stone Cold exterior, Sam words stun Jason.

Pausing for a moment, Jason tries to fight the rage.

“Yea, man. Listen to Sam.” Cough, Cough. “I’m not worth it.” Franco struggles, as Jason’s grip lessen. Closing his eyes, letting Franco words sink in, Stone Cold regains full control. Pulling his arm back to throw another punch, Jason’s arm stops in mid-strike.

Sam’s touch is light and subtle but powerful. Knowing its Sam’s touch, Jason’s heart stops.

“That’s it, just look at me.” Letting go of Franco’s neck, Jason walks with Sam. Her strength radiates through everything, mesmerizing Jason; blocking everything else out but her beauty. Sam had never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment; fighting everything the last two days has thrown at her, Sam supports and loves Jason back to himself.

Her Phoenix calling the Dragon within him.

“You shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.” Taking her hand and leading her back into the room, Jason eases Sam back into bed. “Epiphany said you needed to rest. I’m sorry Sam, did you hurt yourself?”

Staring at each other, nothing else matters. Not the crowd outside the room, not Franco moaning in pain, not even Elizabeth’s screams for help. They are all each other sees, in unison, they breathe each other in.

Lost in each other’s eyes, Sam’s hair begins to fall from behind her ear, reaching up to fix it, her hand meets Jason’s. His trembling hand slowly pushes Sam’s hair back behind her ear and cups her face. “Jason.” Closing her eyes, Sam remembers all the times her face has rested in Jason’s hand. She retains the feel of him.

While Jason tends to Sam, Elizabeth tends to a beaten Franco. Franco trembles and falls to the ground at every attempt to stand. Unable to walk away from this altercation, like he has done so many times in the past; Franco moans and groans on the ground while someone calls for a gurney and others to come help. “Franco, oh my god. Franco are you okay.”

Hearing Elizabeth’s voice and seeing everyone running to assist Franco angers, Jason, further. In Jason’s minds, Franco doesn’t deserve anyone’s help or kindness; he deserves to die. Refusing to let Franco slip away again, Jason goes on the hunt again. It pains him to leave Sam knowing she needs him, but the hate he feels overpowers and blinds him to what really matters.

“Stay here, don’t get back out of bed, please.” Placing a gentle kiss on Sam’s forehead, Jason pleads with her. Jason’s lips linger, Sam lightly places her hand on Jason’s chest at the exact moment Jason’s heart begins to race. Jumping slightly from their syncing hearts, Sam silently agrees to Jason’s request. Pressing her head into Jason’s lip, neither have felt their heartbeat like this in years, neither has felt this alive in years. “I never want this feeling to go away.” Sam trembles as Jason turns his attention back to the crowd that has gathered to assist Franco.

Breaking through the crowd, Jason plants his knee right into Franco’s chest and throws him against the wall. Jason pounds Franco into the wall, while bystanders plead with him to stop. They beg Sam to control her man, but Sam ignores their cries, doing as Jason asked; Sam stays in bed, watching blow after blow ripple through Franco; watching Stone Cold completely consume Jason. “Sam, will you do something? Stop this before he kills him!” Elizabeth begs.

“What do you want me to do? Jason is doing what he feels he needs to do. For Michael. For me.” Resisting the urge to stop Jason, Sam understands why he needs to do this. She finds pleasure in the violent acts; glee in Jason’s rage. Being the only one who can genuinely grasp Jason’s hate for Franco, Sam fights her own internal battle.  She fights the memories Jason beats Franco for.

“Sam! “Paralyzed in the doorway, Elizabeth shakes with rage and fear. Seeing her past love true face paralyzes Elizabeth in time. Only able to use her voice, Elizabeth screams at nonchalant Sam. “Sam, please. I need your help. Please, he’s killing him.” Panic rushes over Elizabeth at the thought of losing Franco.

Turning back to the fight, Elizabeth still can’t believe her eye. “Jason, stop! You’re going to kill him. He’s not the same man he was 5 years ago.” Turning her attention back to Sam, “Do something.” Tears smearing Elizabeth’s eyes, block the smirk that has formed on Sam’s face.

“What do you expect from me?” Sam screams.

“You stopped him before, make him stop again. For Jake.”

“Really. You’re going to use your-” Breaking her silent promise to Jason, Sam jumps out of bed. Running to reach Jason before the cops do, Sam pushes past a distraught Elizabeth, who is also fighting the crowd to get to Franco. “No, wait.” The two cops have broken up the fight and are placing Jason in handcuff by the time Sam reaches him.

“Why is Jason in handcuffs?” Sam fights through the last bit of people to finally reach Jason. Not missing a beat, Sam stands in front of Jason protecting Jason from the cops. “He just got home.” Doing her duty as a mob wife, Sam prepares herself to fight for Jason.


The pair falls into their routine, fighting for each other; no matter. Blocking the cops from Jason and him from them. Jason marvels at her love for him. “Sam!” Wishing Sam would have stayed in bed, Jason fills up on her love as she fights for him to stay with her. “Sam, don’t.” Wanting her to stop, Jason understands she is doing what comes naturally to her.

“Really mam, you were literally just sitting there watching him beat a man, and you’re asking why he’s in handcuffs? Pulling Jason away from Sam, the officer rumbles under his breathe. “Why would you ask such a silly question.” Not understanding Jason and Sam’s dynamic, the officers push Sam out of the way trying to get Jason to the elevator.  “Hey.” Jason fights.

Seeing the scene for what it was, one man badly beating by another; the officers are doing their jobs in their minds. Feeling Jason is dangerous, the officers aren’t listening to Sam, they are taking Jason into custody, and they don’t care how anyone feels about it.

“NO, wait! Jason doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t understand the Franco situation. He’s been gone for 5 years! Please don’t take him.” Wrapping her hands in Jason, Sam cries into Jason’s chest. She can’t bear the thought of being separated from Jason again. Not now.

“Wait, gives us a moment. Please.” Pleading with the cop, Jason’s eyes fill with tears at the thought of leaving Sam again. “It’s okay. I’m here.” Squeezing her hands in his, Jason rests his head on top of Sam’s.

Unable to forget what Jason is capable of, Franco mumbles through blood, “Lock him up. If he stays, he will kill me. Lock him up!”

Believing Franco’s word, the officers don’t hesitate, they pull Jason and Sam apart away.

“No, let me say bye first.” Clawing to stay connected to Jason, Sam pleads with the cops. “Please.”

“Make it quick.” Releasing their grip on Jason and Sam, the cops move away, granting them their moment.

Connecting their eyes, “I don’t want you to go. I just got you back.” Sam’s eyes swell with uncontrollable tears. Pulling her closer, Jason places his lips on her forehead. “There is so much I need to tell you. So much I need to hear.” Pressing herself against Jason as hard as she can, Sam doesn’t want to let go, she wants to hold on forever, to be with him, to love him forever. Taking her time, Sam slowly intertwines her fingers into his; watching each finger connect with Jason’s.


So, enthralled in love, Jason and Sam rock side to side, locked together.

Unaware of the crowd that has gathered outside the nurse station, Jason and Sam only see each other. They know the ache in each other’s eyes, the quiver in their lips, the smile in their hearts.

Standing on the tips of her toes, Sam slowly leans into Jason. Matching her quivering lips to Jason’s quivering lips, they both draw in a deep breath, breathing each other in; connecting their lips, washing the last 5 years away. United as one, they renew their love for each other. They join as Phoenix and Dragon.

Kissing Sam with everything in him, Jason’s entire being put all his love for Sam into this one kiss. Since waking up in that clinic, Jason has wanted one thing, to feel Sam’s sweet lips, touch her soft skin and hold her in his arms; this is everything to Jason. His wife acknowledging him as Jason, loving him as Jason; in front of everyone. Puts Jason at ease. Knowing everything will be okay, Jason relaxes into Sam.

“Enough.” One of the officer’s states, pulling Jason out of the embrace.

Disconnecting their lips, Jason and Sam’s hand and eyes remain intertwined. Regaining everything that was lost; Awakening all that lied dormant within them. That kiss renewed life in them both. Everything that has ever been know between them remained true. Relishing in their love, Jason and Sam lightly float in the aftermath of their kiss.

“I’m going with you!” Breaking their moment, Sam speaks into Jason.

“No, Sam! That’s the last thing I want.” Jason whispers, pulling Sam as close as she can go. “You need to stay here and rest. I’m coming back to you this time.”

Sam weeps into Jason harder.

After that kiss, Jason doesn’t want to leave Sam, but he knows he has no choice. He knows his rage will dictate where he ends up tonight. “Just call Sonny or a lawyer.”  Knowing he made the wrong decision based on the wrong emotions, Jason begins to untwine his fingers from Sam. Just as she watched each finger intertwine with Jason, she watches as each untwines; letting streams of tear flow from her eyes like a waterfall.  With every tear that drops, Jason hates himself a little more.

“I’ll call Diane.” Sam chuckles at the normalcy on her statement as Jason is escorted away.

Lightly brushing her fingers over her moist lips, Sam chuckles that she uttered those words about Jason, that she could fall back in with Jason, so quickly; that nothing has changed between them. She chuckles at the last 5 years, at how pure their love is and always has been. She chuckles as her heart sing their love song.

Before losing sight of Jason, Sam gives him a small gift to take with him. “I love YOU, Jason Morgan.”  Sam’s declaration of love makes Jason fight against the cop and run straight back to her. “I love you more.” Sam’s declaration is everything Jason has been fighting for since fighting his way out of that clinic. Lightly kissing her, the cops regain control, pulling them apart again. Sam’s love is all Jason ever needed or wanted. Her love is his peace.

“I love you,” Looking back at crying but happy Sam, Jason sends all his love to her, hoping it wraps her in his warm until he can return.

Lingering in the hall, Sam watches until Jason completely disappears from her view. Unable to handle it, Sam runs after Jason. Rounding the corner, she crashes into Epiphany. “Whoa, I got you, baby.” Knowing Sam would chase after Jason the minute the cops put the cuffs on Jason, Epiphany prepared for Sam’s escape while everyone else tended to Franco and Jason. Wrapping her arms around a panic Sam, Epiphany applies deep pressure to Sam’s body; an embrace Sam wasn’t ready for but desperately needed.

“No, no, no! Jason said he wanted you to stay here.” Epiphany soothes.

“I have to go, I have to go to him. Jason needs me, and I need him. Please don’t stop me.” Sam fights, but eventually eases herself into Epiphany’s bosom, she knows she is no match for Epiphany in her emotionally weaken state.  Once completely covered in Epiphany’s embrace, a trembling Sam breaks down. Letting the weight of everything crush her to the floor, Sam finally grasps the reality of her situation. There she stays rocking in Epiphany’s embrace until Sam’s cries turn into long deep breaths.

“Child, let Jason handle that and you handle this. You were drugged last night; those drugs are still in your system. You need to rest!” Easing Sam back into her bed, Epiphany hooks the equipment back up. ” I understand your need to be with him right now. I understand your love, I just don’t care right now.” Tucking the covers deep around Sam, Epiphany ensures Sam will not be leaving the bed again.

“Hey, there you are! I turned around, and you were gone.” Walking up behind Drew, Carly startles him out of his daydream.  “Where did you go? Are you okay? Ignoring Carly, Drew doesn’t register her presence; lost in his head, Drew replays Jason and Sam’s kiss in his mind.

Placing her hand on the small of Drews back, Carly can tell Drew is visibly upset, more upset than he was before. She can tell something shook him to his core, more intrigued with Drew than ever before, Carly looks for answers.

“Hey, you in there? Why are you standing out here? Is Jason still in there?” Drew doesn’t respond, lost staring at the spot Jason and Sam first connected their lips, Drew thinks of a plan. He just stares at the place where his whole life turned down a path he can’t wrap his brain around. He can’t accept what he just witnessed, he can’t accept this is the end of him as Jason, the end of him and Sam.  The end of his family.

Over zombie Drew, Carly pops her head around the corner in the direction of Sam’s hospital room and freaks at what she sees.

Blood, broken furniture, tattered clothes, and no Jason.

“Where is he?” Carly races into Sam’s hospital room. “What happened out there? Why is the other guy frozen in the hall?”  Carly’s mind only leads her to one place. Panicked, Carly paces the length of the room. “Something happened to Jason.” Carly chants to herself.

Epiphany nor Sam has a chance to respond before Carly begins telling them what she thinks happened.

“Oh My God, did the fake Jason do something to the real Jason. What happened out there? Why is there blood? Why is the fake Jason just standing outside your room staring at the wall? What is going on here? And will someone tell me where Jason is? Every bad scenario races through Carly’s head. Unable to comprehend where Jason could be, Carly begins to cry. “Was it real? Was it him?  All he wanted was to be with Sam. And he’s not here, but there is a lot of blood. What happ”

“Carly, will you shut up! Not everything is about you! Okay!” Unable to handle Carly’s emotions, on top of her own, Sam buries her face in her hands and weeps. The last thing Sam wants to do is deal with Carly. She loves Carly, now, but she can’t handle it all right now. She’s still trying to come to grips with the 2 Jason’s.

“Nobody did anything to Jason. Jason was the one who did the doing. He saw Franco.” Before Epiphany can finish explaining Carly bolts out the door.

“Carly, wait! Where are you going?” Sam screams, stopping Carly midstride.

“I’m going to Jason!” Bolting out the door again, Carly doesn’t stick around to explain her actions. “He’s at the PCPD, right?”  Carly doesn’t need to be told where Jason is, from the looks of the hall and her knowledge of Jason’s hate for Franco, Carly knows precisely where Jason is.

Going into protection mode, Carly B-lines straight to the police station, knocking Drew out of her way in the process.

“Call Diane!” Sam screams as Drew walks into the room.

Face to face, the room fills with tension.

“Epiphany, am I allowed to have time with MY WIFE, now?” Drew’s emphasis on wife makes Sam jump.

Not caring what Epiphany’s answer is going to be, Drew positions himself in the doorway, signaling Epiphany to exit. “We have a lot to talk about, don’t you agree?” Staring into Epiphany, Drew lets his intention be known.

An uncomfortable Epiphany looks to Sam for guidance. “Um, that’s up to Sam.”

Sam doesn’t respond, her eyes haven’t left the doorway since Drew’s presence filled it. Taking a moment to weigh her options, Sam nods her head in agreeance. “We have a lot to discuss.”

Moving further into the room, Drew allows Epiphany to exit before slamming the door behind her.

“Was that really necessary?” Feeling the shift in Drew’s demeanor, Sam begins to shake. She doesn’t see Jason in him anymore, but she does recognize the man she fell in love with.  A man who has taken care of her and her children. A man who has been kind, caring and gentle. A man, who has been everything to her, but her Jason.

“Was that necessary?” Drew mocks. “Yes, it was! She shoved me out of your room early!” Drew’s transform from Jason to Drew is quick and something Sam can no longer deny. Staring through the man she thought was Jason, Sam wonders how she ever believed such a lie.

“At my request. There’s no need to be rude to Epiphany.” Knowing this might be hard for Drew, Sam tries to be considerate of his feelings, but his bad attitude is starting to get to her. She understands it hard on him, it hard on them all, but she won’t allow him to make it about just him. She won’t allow his grief to overshadow her happiness. “We can get through this together.”

“Together. How can we get through this together if you’re choosing an imposter, over me.” Placing himself at the foot of Sam’s bed, Drew grips her bed with all his might and shakes it. “How could you choose him?” Witnessing their connection for the first time, Drew fills with rage.

Trying to hide his fear, the shakes from his body; the disappointment’s in his voice, Drew shakes the bed harder. “Answer me.”

“Because he’s my husband!” Sam screams with her whole heart.

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  1. I hope there’s another chapter because I definitely love it and like I said before this is how it all should’ve went down

    1. I agree. I wish the writers wrote it this way. Because right now a lot of people are disliking Sam and wanting Jason to move on. I’m still trying to hold out hope for them but if the writers keep putting this reunion on hold them I’m giving up too. Then they are letting her and Drew get married in Jason’s penthouse. How messed up is that?

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