Chapter Two

“I knew my wife wanted me to stay,” pushing pass Jason and Epiphany, Drew fights to get his hands on Sam. He knows deep down Sam was talking about the real Jason, but he can’t show resolve in the face of defeat. At all costs, he knows he has to fight to the bitter end.

Steps away from Sam, Drew’s pursuit is halted by Epiphany’s rough, firm hand.

“Who are you referring too, Hun?” Spinning Drew around her, giving him the evil eye, Epiphany asks Sam for clarity.

Seeing what Drew is doing to Sam, Epiphany tries to lessen the fallout. She can see Sam wants Jason, the real Jason. The Jason with the face she has stared at for years; the Jason with the eyes that read her soul with a glance. The Jason they’ve always known as Jason.

Sam opens her mouth to answer but Drew words fill the room first.

“Of course, she was talking about me,” Drew interjects. “I’m the real Jason. Me! Ok, stop confusing my wife. I want you both to leave us alone” Drew whines fighting Epiphany’s grip. He fights a losing battle. Epiphany is a brick house. She will not be moved.

As Epiphany and Drew battle for who can be next to Sam, Sam and Jason stare into each other.

Their eyes haven’t disconnected from each other since Sam found her voice again, and muttered Jason’s name. Weakened by her deep brown eyes, Jason can’t find the strength to look away,  he can see the pain in her soul, and he wants to make it stop. He wants to soothe the fire raging within her. He wants to be the Jason she is referring to, the one that gets to stay with her in her time of need. The one she believes is her Jason.

To hear his name, come from her lips, after 5 years, was the icing on the homecoming cake. Sam’s voice passed through Jason’s soul, causing every muscle to cease in his body. Jason was over this unnecessary bullshit. He felt that he had spent enough time away from Sam. He didn’t want to waste another minute hearing the wannabe scream about “his” wife. He didn’t want to waste another minute not fulfilling her requesting eyes.

“ENOUGH!” Jason’s voice thunders through the room.

“Enough!” Jason’s voice softens with the attention of the room. He doesn’t like to yell but seeing the pain within Sam, ignites a fury within him.

“Sam can tell us who she was referring too.  Sam can tell us who, she wants to stay. It’s Sam’s choice, it’s what Sam wants.” Jason testifies.

His statement melts Sam’s heart and any doubt she may have carried with it. Her Jason never told her what she wanted or needed. Her Jason, always asked. Her Jason, only ever wanted whatever she wanted. Whatever made her truly happy. Whatever put that smile on her face.

Becoming overwhelmed by Jason’s testimony; Sam’s eyes swell with tears and her heart monitor beings to beep rapidly. Sam begins to remember her wedding to Jason, the words he said, the words she said, the emotions they felt. She remembers the smell of the garden, the look on Jason’s face. She remembers the love in his eyes; the passion in his words. She remembers… her Dragon.

“The union between a bride and groom is the union between the Phoenix and the dragon.”

“The dragon is the symbol of strength, it can scare off evil spirits. Protect the innocent and can bless those around him with safety.”

Sam yearns for the dragon in Jason. A yearning she thought had dulled over the years; a yearning that now was burning straight through to her soul. This silent yearning causes her monitors to go crazy. Remembering her wedding sends Sam’s heart and mind into overdrive. The emotions from the memories were stronger than she expected. She didn’t expect to be taken back to her wedding night. She didn’t expect to face two Jason. She didn’t expect the emotion to be so intense and so raw, that it blocks all forms of communication she possessed.

A new monitor begins beeping. “It’s not Sam’s choice, it’s all these monitors beeping choice. Out now” Epiphany commands. Epiphany begins ushering the men out of the room. She’s not sure what Sam wants, but she knows what Sam needs, and that’s time away from these two. The pressure is too much for Epiphany and it not even her pressure to bear.

The twins don’t fight Epiphany, they can see Sam is not okay.

“I meant you!” Sam whispers baiting the two men back to her. Both men turn back to find Sam pointing at one of them. “I want you to stay, Please!” LIfting herself up off the bed, Sam points right at Jason. She wasn’t going to let her internal battle interfere with her reunion with Jason. She needed to be alone with him. She didn’t know what being alone with him meant, but she needs it more than anything right now. She needs him. She needs her Jason.

“Sam, you really need to rest.” Epiphany can tell she is fighting the impossible.

Now that Sam has made it clear who she wants to stay, Epiphany knows she can’t keep Jason out of this room and honestly, she doesn’t want to. Witnessing first hand their love, Epiphany knows what they mean to each other. She has encountered the lengths these two will go to for each other.

Moving aside as Jason makes his way back into the room, Epiphany looks to the other guy; worried about Drew’s reactions, Epiphany readies herself for another struggle from him.

“No, as Jason said, I can tell you what I want. And, I want him to stay!” Reaching her hand out to Jason, Sam states her choice with so much power in her voice, Drew quivers hearing her words.

Standing in the doorway, Drew feels his whole world blow up as Jason and Sam’s hands connect.  He didn’t expect it to happen this fast. He didn’t expect, she would believe him after only spending moments with him and without proof. Drew tries to figure out a way to stay in the room. He figures if  Jason gets to stay, he definitely has to stay.

Maneuvering himself around Epiphany, Drew tries to make his way back into the room, he thinks he has slipped past Epiphany when her arm latches his again and spins him around pushing him out into the hall as the door begins to close behind them.

“Sam, you have 5 minutes before I send the doctor back in here.” Epiphany fights to get the door shut, knowing controlling Drew will be more accessible on this side of the door. Drew fights her but not too much, he knows he has lost this battle.

“What the hell, Epiphany? What in the hell was that? Sam, needs me, her husband, ME, not some imposter. Sam’s mental state is fragile, and this will only worsen it.”

Realizing the harsh, in your face fight isn’t going to working with Epiphany, Drew changes tactics. Figuring he can use the nurse in Epiphany, Drew tries to sweet-talk her into letting him back into the room. Sliding his arm around Epiphany, Drew whispers into her ear.

Having no time for Drew’s game, Epiphany pushes Drew away from her. “That was me giving my patient what she asked. And, that was to speak with Jason.” Epiphany can tell she said the wrong thing. Proclaiming the other guy as Jason makes Drew’s eyes go wild. He has a craziness in his eyes, Epiphany has never seen before. Her only saving grace is she knows the real Jason is right on the other side of that door.

“Jason? Jason? That’s what I mean. Sam isn’t well if she thinks this guy is Jason. I’m Jason! I’m the Jason that has been here for the last two years. She confused. She wants me in the room.” Drew insists.

“Look, if she wants to talk to you or have you in the room, she would have said so. Give her the time she requested. If you’re the Jason she wants, I have no doubt she will let everyone know.”  Hoping her words of kindness help calm him down, Epiphany tries to nudge Drew away from the door.

Drew’s quick jerk and sidestep, let her know that she failed.

Feeling like an outsider makes Drew’s blood boil. He doesn’t like feeling like everyone is turning against him. He doesn’t like the feeling of failure. He is Jason if it kills him.

“SHE IS MY WIFE, AND NO ON WILL KEEP HER AWAY FROM ME” Drew’s voice bellows through the hospital halls. Drew doesn’t care what Epiphany thinks or wants, his on a mission and no one will stop him. Reaching for the doorknob, Drew is determined to cut the happy couple’s reunion short.

The door begins to creak open.

“Hey, what’s going on? Why are you out here screaming at Epiphany? Where is Jason?”  Carly rounds the corner, stopping Drew from entering the room.

“You too, Carly? You too believe this guy over me? If he’s Jason…. What does that make me?” Drew knows who he is, and who he wants to be. Jason. And he refuses to hand it all over without a fight. For Drew, it wasn’t about taking his brother’s life. It was about the life he built with Jason’s tools. A life, Drew will fight to the death for. Sam, Scout, Aurora and the name. All of it.

“I don’t know who you are! But I know it’s not Jason.” Carly whispers. Carly can see what this is doing to Drew. And it breaks her heart. When she needed a Jason the most, he was there, and she wants to be here for him now; but only if it doesn’t interfere with giving Jason his life back.

Carly understands this must be extremely hard on this other guy, and she doesn’t want to make a difficult situation harder, but she knows that not accepting the truth now, will make it impossible once he starts fighting for a place in Sam’s life. Drew has always been good to Carly, but Jason is her best person for life.

Carly can see all the pain this is causing, but it ok to her; if Jason can have his life back with Sam and Danny; all of Drew’s pain will be worth it. “You need to find who you are and who your family is because this isn’t it.” Carly silently vows to give everything she took from Jason, back.

Looking up from Drew’s sunken eyes, Carly finally notices Jason and Sam are alone in her hospital room.

Seizing the opportunity to get Drew away so Jason can have this much needed time with Sam, Carly signals Epiphany while ushering Drew away from Sam’s room. Feeling the situation is finally under control, Epiphany leaves in search of Sam’s doctor.


“Why are you still crying? Are you ok? Do you want me to leave?”  Moving closer to her bed, Jason tries to hide his excitement. He wants to sit next to her and hold her hand, but he doesn’t want to overwhelm her even more; instead, he stands there admiring her beauty, his hands trembling at his side. Everything in him wants to scoop her up, hold her, and never let go but he holds back, nervously waits for an instruction from her.

Reaching her hands out to Jason, Sam calls him to her.

This small gesture makes Jason’s heart burst love. Touching her earlier was exciting, but this was different. This was her calling to him, a call he was glad to answer. Without breaking eye contact, Jason quickly moves to accept Sam offer.

Tears well in Jason’s eyes when he makes contact with Sam’s smooth, silky skin.

Staying in the moment, connected by hands, eyes, and hearts; Jason and Sam speak a language that hasn’t been spoken in 5 years.  Nothing else is needed. Nothing else is desired.

Connected in the moment, Sam is at peace; a feeling of peace she hasn’t felt since that night on the docks.  Could this be true? Sam thinks. She has dreamed of this moment every night for five years. She has dreamed of seeing his face, with those eyes staring back at her for five years.

And now here he is, with those eyes just for her. Still not believing, Sam blinks hard, taking a long pause before opening them to reveal Jason’s strong, confident smile.

“Danny” Jason has so many questions about so many things, but the only one that matters to him right now is Danny. Jason felt a pull to Danny that he has only ever felt with Jake. Unable to deny what his heart is telling him, Jason shuffles back and forth awaiting Sam’s answer. He knew the minute he saw Danny, he knew Danny was his son with Sam.

“Heather lied. Franco lied. Danny is our son!”

Jason knew the truth but to hear the words enter the atmosphere, makes him feel frozen and weak.  The gravity of what has been taken away from him hits him even harder with this revelation. Jason’s head begins to swirl with everything that has been missed. Starting with not being there for Sam while she was pregnant. The way Jason acted has been weighing heavy on his heart and knowing Danny is his son makes what he did unforgivable in his eyes. Thinking maybe this is what he deserves for not being there when Sam needed him most, Jason curses himself. He tells himself, he deserves to have missed five years. He vows he will spend the rest of his life making it up to them both.

“Sam, the biology never mattered to me. I loved Danny, no matter what. In my heart his ours, no matter what. I just needed to tell you that. I just need you to know. ” Tears fall from Jason’s eyes staining Sam skin below.

Knock, Knock, knock.

The door swings open grounding Jason and Sam back to reality.

“Sam, we just heard what happened! Are you okay?”

Turning from Sam, Jason is greeted by Elizabeth and Franco.

Jason’s world goes cold. Everything he hated was standing right before him. The rage Jason had been holding back from Drew, was now bubbling at the surface, with nowhere to go but into Franco.

“How is he alive?” Jason rages, as Stone Cold completely takes over, sending Jason into attack mode. He charges straight for Franco, barely giving a visible shocked Elizabeth time to get out of the way.



Throw, punch.


Jason beats Franco.


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  1. I would have loved for the real story to play out this way. I don’t hate or dislike Drew, I just feel Jason is better for her and she is her real self with Jason. She seems controlled with Drew, like robotic. But not with Jason and that is where she should be.

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