Chapter Fifteen

“Come on, just a little further,” Sam mumbles under the weight of a half-conscious Jason.  Trekking through the woods, Sam tries to find her way back to the truck before a wounded Jason passes out.

The woods are pitch black, the light from the stars offer no assistance. Darkness surrounds everything.

Struggling to keep his weight off Sam, Jason stumbles forward, crashing into the ground. “Sam, you have to go.”

Dropping to be on the same level as Jason, Sam struggles to get Jason to his feet. She pulls him up and yanks on his arm. She pleads and begs with him. “I’m not leaving you.”  Finally, she kneels in front of him, eyeing him down. “Jason, Jason look at me.” Sam grabs his face. “I need you. Our kids need you!”

Perking up, staring into her eyes, “Our kids.” Jason’s eyes fill with tears.

“Yes, Jason, our kids. You are their father.” Sam caresses his face. “Jason Morgan has always been their father.”   

Resting in this moment, Jason takes Sam’s words in, letting the drown him in happiness.

Fighting through the pain, Jason smiles and takes Sam in. Even in complete darkness, her beauty shines through.

Coughing up blood, Jason looks deep into Sam. “ Get our kids and get out of here.” Pushing at Sam,  “I’m not going to make it.” Jason is adamant in his advance against her.

Pushing his hand away and grabbing him by the face, “I’m not leaving you.” Sam kisses Jason tightly. She kisses him hard as if she was trying to force her strength into him. “I just got you back. Do you really think I’m going to lose you now?”

Shaking his head no, Jason beams at Sam. His love for her overpowers him. Thrusting him off his knees and back onto his feet.   

“I know you don’t like asking for help, but Jason you have to let me help you.” Assisting Jason back on his feet, Sam slings his arm over her shoulder and forces him forward. The weight of him is too much but she doesn’t let Jason know. She bears it and keeps pushing them before forward.

“I’ve never had a problem with help especially coming from you.” Jason tries to laugh through the pain but he grabs his side instead.

“Sweet talk me later, we have kids we have to get!” Sam laughs for both of them.

Touching a mark on the tree, Sam veers left, “See, the truck is right there. See we did it.”

“All I see is how amazing you are,” Jason states as he falls forward on his knees. He only kept going because of her. He only made it this far because of her. He drew off her strength. He let her willpower fuel him. Gripping his side, trying to stop the bleeding, Jason is thankful for Sam.

“Sam!” Jason strains trying to lift himself.

Placing her lips to his forward head, “Stop you did amazing. I’ll bring the truck to you. Just rest.” Sam turns and bolts for the truck.

Trekking through the woods towards the truck, Sam prays her kids are fine. She prays that Jason is fine. She prays for her family to be whole and safe. Slowing her stride as she approaches the truck, Sam grabs her leg. The pain of her injury is slowly creeping in. Steps before reaching the truck, Sam panics as a car comes speeding towards her; lighting up the woods, destroying the peace it holds.

“Sam!” Jason bounds forward trying to lift himself off the ground, trying to get to his family.

Stopping in her tracks as the light hits her, Sam looks from the truck to Jason and back again making eye contact with Jason, before bolting to the truck. Stepping on a rock, Sam loses her footing and goes down hard as the door to the car flies open.

“Gracious Greetings Fair Samantha. Did someone call for backup?” Spinelli steps from the humming car and heads towards Sam.

Shielding her face from the light. Sam’s eyes try to adjust to the light “Spinelli, is that you?” Slowly rising from the ground, she runs to embrace Spinelli and immediately begins to cry in his arms.

Pulling herself away, Sam stares at Spinelli. “How did you find us? How are you here?”

“Jason called but didn’t say anything. I knew you both needed me to come expeditiously.”

“But how? How did you find us?” Sam asks.

“I tracked Jason’s phone.”

Pulling Spinelli back into an embrace, Sam presses all her weight into him and breathes a sigh of relief. “Of course you tracked his phone.” Sam laughs.

As the adrenaline fades from Sam’s body, she falls deeper into Spinelli, finally feeling the weight of her injuries. Resting for a moment on the warmth of Spinelli, Sam takes a moment to gather herself. She feels saved now that Spinelli is here.

Standing there with Sam in his arms, Spinelli has many questions. He sees the bullet-riddled truck and the blood dripping from Sam’s side. He sees the blood all over Sam’s shirt and hands. “Samantha, I don’t mean to be intrusive, but what happened out here? Where is Jason? Where are the kids?”

Ripping herself from Spinelli, Sam leaps for the truck. “The kids.” The adrenaline rushed back into her body and she’s a fierce momma bear again.  

Ripping the door to the truck wide open, Sam grabs a sleeping Scout. “No time to talk about it. Jason is really hurt. We need to get him and the kids out of here.” Making herself one with Scout, Sam kisses her all over as she fusses and rubs the sleep from her eyes.

“Where is he? How hurt is really hurt?” Looking out into the woods, Spinelli spins around in circles panicking about Jason. His head rushes with blood and he can’t think straight. The thought of losing Jason again pounds in Spinelli’s head like the beat to a song.


“Where is he? Is he alive?” Spinelli screams, bolting for the open woods.

“Spinelli, snap out of it. I need you, the kids need you. Jason isn’t far. Kids first, then Jason.” Cradling Scout in her arms, Sam commands Spinelli, stopping him in his tracks.

Looking from the woods to the truck, Spinelli grapples with his decision. He wants to help Sam, but he fears he is losing Jason just as he has gotten him back. Rocking back and forth, Spinelli doesn’t know what to do with himself.

“Spinelli, get Danny! Now!” Sam snaps.

“Okay!” Spinelli sulks. “What happened? How did Jason get hurt? How did you get hurt?” Spinelli walks back towards the truck. He wants answers. He wants to understand how the night turned into them all being trapped in the woods with a hurt Jason, a bleeding Sam, and two scared kids.

“Spinelli, I will tell you everything, after we get the kids and Jason and are on our way home.” Placing Scout in the back of Spinelli’s car, “Now, will you get Danny?” Sam shoots Spinelli a look as she wraps a seat belt around Scout.

Sinking into himself, Spinelli feels the scold in Sam’s look. Opening the car door, Spinelli jumps.


A bullet hit the ground near Sam’s feet.

Looking through the car door at Sam, “Was that a gunshot?” Spinelli questions her.


A bullet hits the headlight of the car, darken the woods just a little. Spinning around, knocking the door closed with her hip, Sam takes cover at the tail of the car.  


Another shot rings out, shattering the back window of the truck.

“It’s him.”

Ripping a barely awake Danny from the truck, Spinelli runs to the front of the truck. “Him who?” Spinelli huffs.

“The imposter, the guy pretending to be Jason. THE TWIN.” Sam reaches for Danny.

“Come here baby,” Sam calls for Danny.

Clinging to Spinelli, Danny shakes his head no. He’s scared. He doesn’t want to move. He wants to be home in his bed. He wants to have never come out here. He hates camping.

“Danny, it’s okay. Come to Mommy. I wanna get you out of here. I want to take you home.” Sam waves for Danny to come to her.

Slowly letting go of Spinelli, Danny looks at Sam with tears in his eye. “Mommy!”

“Yes baby, come here.”

Taking small steps towards Sam, Danny moves cautiously towards her.


Another shot rings out, hitting the tree between the truck and the car.

Leaping into Sam’s arms, Danny shakes with fear.

“It’s okay Bud, I got you.” Pressing Danny tight to her chest, Sam brushes the matted down hair from his forehead before littering him with kisses.

“Sam,” Jason screams from the woods.

Struggling to get on his feet, Jason clings to a tree. He fights through the pain trying to reach the gun in his waistband. Gripping his finger around the trigger, Jason whip the gun out and waits for the next shot.

“We’re okay, Jason. Stay where you are,” Sam yells out into woods.

“Jason,” Spinelli whispers to himself. Lifting himself off the ground, Spinelli bolts towards the sound of Jason’s voice.


Falling to the ground, Spinelli shakes with fear.

“Spinelli, where are you going? I need you to take the kids out of here.” Sliding over to the passenger door, Sam opens it to act as a shield. “Get over here.” Sam snaps.

“What about Jason?” Spinelli yells.


Jason hits the tree Drew is leaning against causing him to scramble into the darkness. Wrapping himself around the tree, Jason feels the kickback from the gun resonates through his body.

“There, that was Jason.” Lifting Danny off the ground, Sam spins around the door and shoves him in the front seat and closes the door. “Put your seatbelt on, please.” Shaking his head, pounding on the window, Danny cries for his mom.

“That was Jason’s gun. Now, get over here and get my kids out of here.” Placing her hand against the window, Sam tries not to break down as Danny pounds on the window and cries.

Whispering Mommy loves you, Sam slowly moves her hand off the window and heads for the other side of the car as Danny follows; climbing over to the driver’s side.


Jumping up at the sound of his name, Spinelli takes off towards the driver’s side of the car.


Opening the car door, pushing Danny back, Sam shoves Spinelli in the driver seat, shuts the door and runs for the truck. “Go!” She screams.

Rolling down the window, What about you? What about Jason? I can’t leave you out here.” Spinelli restarts the engine to the car. Frightened to his core, Danny climbs in the back of the car, wrapping himself around Scout.

Cradling herself with the truck, “Spinelli, go! I need you to get my kids out of here.” Sam peeks around the truck to look deep into the wood. “I’ll get Jason. We will be okay if we know our kids are safe.”

Hesitating, Spinelli stares at Sam through the window; communicating words with his eyes that his mouth can’t.

Tilting her head sideways, Sam understands. “Just go, Spinelli.”

Putting the car in drive, Spinelli steps on the gas, launching them forward into the night.


A bullet hit the back tail light, shattering it.


“Ahhhh” The darkness lets out a howl to the wind.

Risking everything, Sam runs into the darkness. “Jason!”


Feeling the sting of a bullet, Sam goes down.

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