A superhero who can change her superpower with her hairstyle.


Four friends discover one friend's hair is more than what it seems when her hair starts to change hairstyles at random. Not only does her hair change hairstyles, but it also turns into a weapon with each hairstyle. Start your journey into Crown Universe with Issue One.


My whole life, black hair has been viewed as ugly, nappy, and unkempt. My whole life, women have damaged their natural hair to fit into the white/European beauty standards. My whole life, black women have spent millions of dollars to hide their natural hair under wigs. And, my whole life, I was taught to ignore European beauty standards and love my wild, nappy, kinky, curly hair. 

Being born an only girl to a licensed beautician meant my hair was my mom’s pride and joy. She made it her mission to ensure I loved every inch of my hair, from its thick fullness to the little curly naps that grew at the back of my neck (My kitchen). My views on black hair were shaped in love, allowing me to see the true beauty of black hair. If you view black hair as a material (as I do), you see it as one of Earth’s most robust, most versatile materials. Black hair can take on multiple shapes, black hair has several different textures, most black women possess two or more textures or hair types, and black hair can be molded into hundreds of different hairstyles, some changing multiple times in one day. When you think about black hair as a material, you make it’s potential limitless, creating a superhero whose power is her hair; you make her the ultimate power in the universe. And when you make a black girl the ultimate power because of her natural hair, you give black and brown girls representation they’ve never had before. You provide them with love for their hair that has never been there before.


Crown Shepherd was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Crown has always been deeply rooted in literature. Since the age of eight, she has wanted to be an author; following her dreams later in life, publishing her first comic. Crown is an author and reading advocate, who has dedicated her life to closing the illiteracy rate among young black children. Shepherd believed if you can read, you can learn, if you can learn, you can grow, and if you can grow, you can be anything!


This comic changes the game on what a superhero can be. And this origin story is just the beginning . . . ! I can’t wait to see what Crown does next.
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We’re left with a cliffhanger. Taji’s hair style changes through the day. We meet Xabiere, Jay Jay, and Nzuri. I hope issue #2 isn’t far behind. I can’t wait to read it!
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I am stunned. Although white, I have the frizzy hair my mom could do nothing with night iwhen I was a child. I feel this. I love Taj, her family and friends, can’t wait to see issue 2, and on.❤️❤️Thank you Crown, for all your hard work .
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