Black Girl, Black Girl

This 36-page classic picture book empowers little black girls to look into their future and see themselves as that future.  Every child is uplifted to dream big and challenged to see the potential within themselves. 


Black Girl, Black Girl taps into the magic of this mantra’s simple positive message: black boys can be a doctor, a judge, the president . . . anything they want to be!

The repetitive patterns help your child build confidence around reading. 

The relatable characters will keep your child excited about reading and make Black Girl, Black Girl their favorite book. 

The mirrored future helps your child envision a future beyond themselves.

This book teaches little black girls and the world that black women can be anything they want when they grow up. 

Black Girl, Black Girl is a journey of transformation for everyone who reads it.


Crown Shepherd is an author and reading advocate. Shepherd is the owner of Liberate Your Bookshelf, a mobile bookstore that specializes in diverse books from independent authors. Shepherd is also the author of the What do you see? Series (Black Boy, Black Boy & Black Girl, Black Girl) and Crown Comics. Shepherd has dedicated her life to closing the illiteracy rate within the Black community. Shepherd believed if you can read, you can learn, if you can learn, you can grow, and if you can grow, you can be anything!

what customers are saying about Black boy, black boy

I bought this for my son last year. He wasn’t even one before he got it. I’ve read it to him pretty much everyday since we purchased it. It’s his favorite book by far & we read a lot of books! I hope she comes out with another book. We need more of this in our community!
Shainnah Taylor
Amazon User
Loved everything about this book! It encourages boys they can be anything! And not just your typical athlete and doctor, but other professions too! Great self-esteem and self- respect book! Definitely adding this to my collection and gifting to the special boys in my life. 💜💪🏾
D.M. Whitaker
Amazon User
This book is not only inspirational for young men of color, it's great for everyone. My kids should grow up seeing the potential in everyone, not just people who look like them. Such a gentle, lovely book, well-written and illustrated.
Josh T. Nite
Amazon User
This book has become a classroom favorite! The boys in my class can have a book that references them and how great they are I love it!
Amazon User

Black Girl, Black Girl, will make the same lasting effect

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