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Black Boy, Black Boy Activity Book

  • Hours of coloring fun
  • Over 10 different activities
  • Empowering

$ 10.99

Representative activities that encourage self-expression, belief in self, and the future. Discover a new world of exciting, creative crafts for boys based on the award-winning picture book “Black Boy, Black Boy”.Black Boy, Black Boy Coloring, and Activity Book is a great choice for little boys looking to find themselves in the story.

Go beyond other craft books by empowering young boys to believe in their future selves. Whether they’re are decoding a special code, finding empowering words, winning a game of tic tac toe, drawing their future selves, or just enjoying hours of coloring fun, boys will find all kinds of fun and engaging things to do that will teach them just how amazing they can be!

1 review for Black Boy, Black Boy Activity Book

  1. Kayla

    This activity book has a great combination of coloring and activities. You don’t necessarily have to know the book to enjoy the activities, but it really is a perfect companion to the book.

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