JaSam… The True Story

Chapter Sixteen “Jason!” Sam screams as Jason’s whole body jerks at the sight of her falling. He reaches out to her, cursing at his inability and failure to save her. Hugging the tree, trying to gain his strength, Jason digs his feet into the ground, inhales all the air he can and takes off after …

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JaSam…The True Story: Sam’s POV

Chapter Thirteen “Spinelli, Stop! I hear something.” Jason screams into the phone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “He has the kids!” I scream into my dead phone, throwing it into the passenger seat. “Ahhhhh” Pounding on the steering wheel, screaming my lungs out into the darkness, I cry from my guilt; I weep for my shame, I weep for …

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JaSam…The True Story: Jason’s POV

Chapter Twelve Darting my eyes through the chaos, I search for her. I search for her knowing I won’t find her. I search hoping her last message to me was a lie. The look on her face, the movement of her body, something was wrong. Terribly wrong. “Where is Sam?” I bark, drawing everyone’s attention …

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