JaSam… The True Story

Chapter Seventeen “Sam, SAM!” Jolting up, blinking his eyes hard trying to focus on the brightness of his surroundings, Jason searches for her. Pressing his hand under him, Jason balls the sheets of the bed in his hand. He picks at his chest and plays with the hospital gown that draping his body. He’s confused. …

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JaSam…The True Story: Jason’s POV

Chapter Twelve Darting my eyes through the chaos, I search for her. I search for her knowing I won’t find her. I search hoping her last message to me was a lie. The look on her face, the movement of her body, something was wrong. Terribly wrong. “Where is Sam?” I bark, drawing everyone’s attention …

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JaSam…The True Story

Chapter Ten “What are those?” Snatching the papers from Drew’s hand, Sam moves towards the desk. Instantly, her head begins to spin. “Proof of who the real Jason is.” Drew’s whisper causes Sam to move closer to hear what he is saying. “I didn’t open it. I wanted to wait for you.” Grabbing Sam’s hand, …

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Jasam…The True Story

Chapter Eight “Sam.” Jason shuffles back and forth unsure of himself. He wasn’t expecting to see Sam tonight at the cabin, but he is pleased and also nervously happy to see her.  “What are you doing here?”  Wondering if she followed him, wondering if she brought the other him to the cabin, Jason goes weak. …

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Jasam…The True Story

Chapter Six “Sam, are you in there?” Jason screams. Desperate to find Sam and Danny, Jason’s pounds, shaking the door frame. Looking from the door to Drew and Scout, Sam wants to scream for Jason. She wants her screams to sail through the door, igniting The Stone Cold in him. She wants him to break …

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