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Hey Black Girl, with the big name, make them respect your name!

Hey, little girl, big girl, and women everywhere with the big name, the unique name, the ghetto name, the name your momma gave you that doesn’t fit the white standards. The name that people laugh at or tell you, you shouldn’t tell people your real name. The name that you are scared to put on a job application because you think they will think it is “ghetto.” The name is yours and should be honored. 

Diverse books and the haters

Diverse Books and The Haters 

As soon as I started posting content about Black Boy, Black Boy, the hate and racism started. It wasn’t subtle or harmless, it was in your face …

Creative ways to slang books during COVID...

2020…2020 was supposed to be my year! My first book, “Black Boy, Black Boy, was scheduled to be released in March and my life as I knew it was supposed to change. March came, and my life did change, but not because of my book release. 


Book Subscription for kids featuring diverse characters.

Even though Juneteenth celebrations are over, doesn’t mean we need to stop the celebration of black culture!

We live in a time where diverse stories are needed more than ever, not for diverse children but to teach the world about the diverse cultures, I employ you to subscribe to at least one of these great subscription boxes.

Join me in celebrating these amazing box subscriptions that aim to push black characters, black life, black families and black culture. 

Fighting Injustice With Literature

On May 26th, 2020, Minneapolis was rocked again with yet another police killing of an unarmed black man, releasing the city and the nation’s sorrow, confusion, and, most of all, rage!

I watched as my people stormed the streets, uplifting their voices, raising their fist and asking for Justice.

JaSam fan fic

In 2017, JaSam fans were robbed of the story line we deserved! This fan fic depicts the way Jason’s epic return to GH should have been written! 


“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.” – Oscar Wilde

Mind Fuck

It was so sudden, how you entered my mind and fucked things up

I didn’t even know what was happening until I was enlightened.

Enlighten by your words, engulfed in your phases.

Moved by the simplicities of your thought process



If anything happens to her, you kill the world.
That what she always told them.
She would send us out into the world, and she would tell my brothers, you protect her at all cost.
Nothing is to happen to her.
Yes, they would say.
And they did their jobs. So, well I develop a complex that, I was invincible.



A girl and her daddy…

A story about a girl and the first time she met her daddy!

Dead By Bully

A short story depicted a day in the life of 13 year old Dakota. A story about the power of bullying. 


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